Classes filling fast at Gavilan


With only four days until Gavilan College starts school, few
classes are still enrolling students, a Gavilan spokeswoman
With only four days until Gavilan College starts school, few classes are still enrolling students, a Gavilan spokeswoman said.

“Students who didn’t register early are going to find nothing to register for,” said spokeswoman Jan Bernstein Chargin. “They might have to delay their plans.”

With enrollment up and course offerings down because of deep state budget cuts to education, students are streaming into Gavilan and many will find that their options have dried up this late in the game.

“Students coming in now should not be surprised if their first choice is already full,” Bernstein Chargin said. “It’s tight.”

Even if students’ first or second choices are filled, Bernstein Chargin still advises them to take an assessment test and meet with a counselor to work something out. The first day of school is Tuesday and students may still add and drop classes during the first week of school. Some teachers may be able to sign a few students into their classes if students attend the needed class during the first week, Bernstein Chargin said. Even taking one class this semester will allow current students to register early for courses next year, she said.

Classes that had five or more openings as of 1 p.m. Wednesday:

Managerial Accounting

Home Health Care (starts in October)

Art – Gallery Assistance

DM: Digital Media – Design

Basic Digital Film/Video

Biotechnology Skills

Organic Chemistry

Child Growth and Development

Children’s Language and Literature

Oral Reading

Presentation Graphics

2D/3D Technical Computer Graphics Ii

Advanced Computer Graphics

Computer Literacy

C++ Scientific Programming

Web page Authoring (starts in October)

Intro to Internet

Unix/C++ Programming

C++ Programming I

Computer Keyboarding

Windows Fundamentals

Word processing – MS Word

Applied Networking

PC Hardware

Operating Systems

Intro to MS Servers

Basic English as a Second Language

ESL Read-Write I

ESL Intermediate Listening/speaking

ESL Intermediate Reading/Vocational

ESL Intermediate Grammar and Writing

ESL Intro to Computers

ESL Advanced Reading/Vocational

ESL Advanced Composition

Journalism – Writing for Media

Journalism – Working on the Newspaper

Second Half Precalculus

Math for Science and Engineering

Music- Harmony /Theory

Vocal Ensemble

Instrumental Ensemble

Symphony Orchestra

Fundamentals of Softball

Fundamentals of Baseball

Fundamentals of football

Fundamentals of Basketball

Individualized Weight training


Swim For Fitness

Individualized Cardio Fitness

Contemporary Leadership

Intro to Psychology 1B

Spanish 1B

Conversational Spanish

TV History and Practice

TV/Video Workshop

TV/Film Acting

Children’s Theater

Acting: History and Practice

Stage production