Red Phone: Biking safety on rural roads

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

We’re calling to complain about the bicycle riders that are on
Watsonville Road.
“We’re calling to complain about the bicycle riders that are on Watsonville Road. They are very disrespectful and they are a nuisance. It has been constant for the past week. They won’t get off the road and they stop right in front of you. We want it to stop. Thank you.”

Red Phone: Dear Safety Counts, With so many rural roads in South County, conflicts between cyclists and drivers are bound to crop up . As a result, police have stepped up efforts in the area.

“The California Highway Patrol has responded to several incidents in 2009 involving both motorcycles speeding and bicyclists being run off the road in the areas of Watsonville Road and Uvas Road, said CHP Traffic Officer Jaime Rios. “Although these areas are not ‘high traffic’ areas that the CHP deals with on a daily basis, we have stepped up enforcement in this area due to citizens concerns.”

Because bicycles are classified as vehicles in the California Vehicle Code, they are required to follow all the laws that vehicles follow, Rios said. They must share the road, follow the signs and not stop in the roadway.

“Bicyclists and motorist are responsible for sharing the roadway and showing respect for one another,” Rios said.

He encouraged any bicyclist or motorist who feels endangered or notices a law being broken to call the Hollister-Gilroy CHP dispatch center at 848-2324.

Follow-up needed

Red Phone: City Code Enforcement Officer Scott Barron requested people who have complaints about things like the broken down truck on Welburn Avenue and Carmel Street and other similar types of violations to give him a call directly so he can follow up with some additional questions. The number is 846-0264.

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