Business Briefs: Lizarran Tapas to celebrate opening

Lizarran Tapas Restaurant, 7400 Monterey St. Gilroy, will
celebrate its grand opening with Flamenco featuring Jesus Montoya,
Arleen Hurtado, Ricardo Chavez and Benny Maderas.
Lizarran Tapas Restaurant, 7400 Monterey St. Gilroy, will celebrate its grand opening with Flamenco featuring Jesus Montoya, Arleen Hurtado, Ricardo Chavez and Benny Maderas. There will be shows at 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. Seating is limited. Cost: $10, which includes $5 toward food. Details: 842-2095.

Alien provides RFID for fish crates

Alien Technology, based in Morgan Hill, and Scandinavian integrator partner, ProSign, announced an RFID traceability implementation solution for the Danish fish crate tracking consortium, Pack and Sea. Representing thousands of commercial fishing enterprises, Pack and Sea turned to ProSign to provide a solution to account for hundreds of thousands of leased reusable fish crates.

Efforts are underway to extend the system by having fishermen read the unique crates at sea to register the type of fish caught. Data would include size, quality, catch date, and catch location and would be transmitted to the harbor agency, enabling visibility on the kind and quantity of available fish to be auctioned. Data can further be used by authorities to confirm adhesion to fishing policies, thus greatly reducing policing efforts.

Explains ProSign CEO, Michael Jensen, “Pack and Sea is the largest consortium of commercial fishermen in Denmark. They required very durable RFID tags on hundreds of thousands of plastic crates to withstand routine supply chain logistics processes including high temperature cleanings and the continuous exposure of the reusable assets within a highly saline environment. Seawater is a very aggressive corrosive substance so it was critical to provide an extremely rugged and proven tag design solution. After subjecting all UHF Gen 2 inlays available in the marketplace to rigorous tests, we selected Alien’s Higgs-3 Squiggle inlay which provided the most consistent and long read range, so it was an obvious choice to make.”

Adds Bent Kirk, Director of Pack and Sea, “We chose RFID as a traceability solution to address a 100% accountability and location requirement for our plastic crates. The tagged crates are read prior to release to fisherman; as they are returned to washing facilities located throughout Europe; and at customer auctions to verify the billing account.”

Adds Stephen Crocker, Director Sales/Channels EMEA/India for Alien Technology, “The benefits to Pack and Sea and the Danish fishing authorities are enormous – not only will they gain enhanced fish crate inventory control and enhance their revenue base for the leased crates, but RFID tagging will also assist fishing authorities to gain real time data on the fish being caught.” Continues Crocker, “Over the past year, Alien® has secured over a dozen reusable asset tracking applications throughout EMEA — working closely with our invaluable VASP channel integrators such as ProSign. It is a privilege for Alien to have been involved in such a demanding RFID application with ProSign, and most importantly, Pack and Sea.” Details:

Little Gym receives No. 1 ranking

The Little Gym, which has a Morgan Hill location, ranked No. 1 in the Children’s Fitness category in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Franchises List, otherwise known as Franchise 500. This is the fourth consecutive year the franchise company has earned this ranking. “We are pleased to be recognized with our parent company as a leader in this category because it reinforces that parents are seeing the benefits of what we offer their children,” said Kurt Kromer of The Little Gym of Morgan Hill. “And, while Morgan Hill parents know The Little Gym as a great place for children, they should also know that our children’s fitness and skill development concept is also receiving recognition on a national level.”

The magazine also noted the overall strength of children-focused franchising, calling The Little Gym a leader in the growing children’s services segment. According to Kromer, its programs are curriculum-based and make skill-building fun for students and parents alike. Individualized attention builds the students’ confidence and lays the foundation for success in other arenas of life, Kromer added.

Paul Dickison of The Little Gym International says, “Just as each of The Little Gym locations takes pride in helping children soar, the company’s franchise concept has allowed hundreds of entrepreneurs to satisfy their dreams of business ownership in their local towns. The company’s core belief in structured curriculum for skill development has made The Little Gym a valued partner with parents who want to provide the best development opportunities for their children.”


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