Red Phone: Out with the old, in with the new

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

I was wondering why they tore down the Shell gas station on the
corner of Murray Avenue and Leavesley Road?
“I was wondering why they tore down the Shell gas station on the corner of Murray Avenue and Leavesley Road?”

Red Phone: Dear Paving The Way, The old gas station is just getting a face lift. It will become an ARCO AMPM and is scheduled to re-open in mid-March, said the station owner.

“Our team is very excited to be part of Gilroy” said the owner. “Everyone in Gilroy has been very helpful in supporting us and our staff. We really believe that this corner is the gateway to Gilroy and everyone is excited for it to look nice and offer more services and items for our customers, especially competitive gas prices.” The station will include a new building, new car wash, and an improved market.

Panhandlers in Gilroy

“Does the city have a plan to enforce people begging on corners on Highway 152 near Gilroy Crossings. It is very dangerous. I saw someone run in among the cars, almost causing a bad accident for one of the homeless people. It looks very bad. I know the property near Panera is private property and they probably use some excuse there. But at the public property at the intersection, there is someone at every corner. It also holds up traffic, and it is going to cause an accident.”

Red Phone: Dear Safety First, Red Phone had a caller who was concerned with the same issue last year. Even though other cities in the Bay Area do have policies in place to prevent panhandling, Gilroy currently does not. But amending the code is something the city is still considering, said Sgt. Jim Gillio.

“Staff at the Gilroy Police Department are researching an ordinance to prohibit loitering/panhandling on corners and in median areas,” Gillio said. “Due to current staffing shortages, this project has not been completed. This is a concern for the police department and will be addressed in the future.”

Anyone interested in voicing his or her concerns on this issue can attend City Council meetings at City Hall, 7351 Rosanna St., at 7 p.m. the first and third Monday of the month. Also you can contact the councilmembers at

Tree leaning over fence

“Our neighbors have a tree that sits just inside his property line. This tree seems to have died about four years ago. Two years ago, we asked the neighbor if he could remove it because it’s leaning in the direction of our house. He said he was going to, but it’s still there. I’ve gotten him some bids to have the tree removed and even offered to split the cost with him. He still hasn’t done anything. I would hate to have the tree fall and cause unnecessary damage or, worse yet, hurt someone.”

Red Phone: Dear Leaning The Wrong Direction, The city had a similar complaint in October involving a tree leaning from one private property toward an adjacent private property. The owners had two options to get rid of this “private nuisance” – suing the property owner or taking care of the problem themselves, said Gilroy Public Information Officer Joe Kline.

“In the message it was explained that based on what could be seen in the photos, the issue with this tree would be a civil issue between the resident and his neighbors,” Kline said. “Something to consider, as I also briefly mentioned in the voice message: if you have an attorney, send your neighbors a letter prior to starting a civil case. This is often enough to encourage them to act.”

California Civil Code (section 3479-3481) defines what a public nuisance is. And the solutions are listed in sections 3501-3503.

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