David Turnquist

David passed away in Morgan Hill due to lung cancer. He was surrounded by his loving family when he passed. David was born on April 11, 1938, in Phoenix, AZ, and grew up on his father’s horse ranch near Cave Creek. He attended California Institute of Technology and MIT in Massachusetts, graduating with a degree in Plasma Physics. He had a long and distinguished career in the fields if High Voltage Technology, Power Electronics Systems, Medical Laser Systems of many types, high-power microwave sources, and many other products, first as an engineer, then as a manager. He started with E.G.G. Co. in Massachusetts in 1960. In 1981, he founded his own company; IMPULSE ENGINEERING, in Conecticut, which he ran until 1994. After three years with EDD in Pennsylvania, he moved to California and joined ACCYS TECHNOLOGY in Pleasanton, CA, then moved to PERKINELMER POTOELECTRONICS in Azusa and Sunnyvale, CA, where he remained until 2001. After a short period as a Consultant, he joined AMO of Milpitas and was there until 2009. Recently he joined JPSA Corp. of Manchester, New Hampshire, where he was working until the onset of his illness. He was awarded the Germeshausen Award in 1996, at the Power Modulator Syposium for his contributions to the field of Pulse Power. He is survived by his wife, Cynthia; and son, Richard Turnquist. Sevices have already been held.

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