Letters: Manipulative teachers at El Roble trying to railroad latest principal

After three principals quitting, there is something stinky at El
Roble School and it is not my litter box. These teachers have been
running the school for the past years, not the principals.
Dear Editor,

After three principals quitting, there is something stinky at El Roble School and it is not my litter box. These teachers have been running the school for the past years, not the principals.

These teachers know EXACTLY what they’re doing. I kid you not. They are clever, manipulative bullies, and they have the teacher’s union to back them up. They are corrupt.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Pisano has deal with these corrupt teachers. These teachers are now crying foul and playing victims. Phlease!

Jennifer Wentworth, Gilroy

Huge fashion show success thanks to SV Church and GHS students

Dear Editor,

Recently, I attended the Gilroy High School Luncheon and Fashion Show at South Valley Community Church. I am a proud member of this church but the reason I chose to go was to support the efforts for a Safe and Sober Grad Night. Perhaps, I thought, have a quick lunch and then quietly slip away for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Wow, how quickly one’s plans can change! Not only was the event sold out but magic hands had transformed our sanctuary into a runway and dining room. Spectacular!

I found interesting, charming lunch companions with whom to break bread. Delicious food! Pastor Mark Turner as MC and Mayor Al Pinheiro as Guest Speaker shared auctioneering duties. Working well together, they were so funny and interactive with the guests that the auction was a huge success. Have I mentioned the young adult performers or the Gilroy High School senior and staff models? Outstanding!

I wish to thank the community volunteers, students and donations that produced this fun-filled afternoon. I had a great time, felt energized, and left with a big smile on my face. THIS was the best lazy afternoon that I had wanted after all.

South Valley Community Church deserves a BIG hug for serving Gilroy with such a positive, successful and important (Shall I say annual?) fundraiser for our kids. Thank you so much.

Shirley Willard, a mom praying for a 2010 Safe and Sober Grad Night

Please educate your readers on the huge bullet train boondoggle

Dear Editor,

Who will get the money for building the Bullet Train? General contractor Parsons Brinkerhoff.

Who will pay the annual deficits? Taxpayers.

How much more will Gilroy’s small business owners pay in annual taxes/fees for their share of the Bullet Train subsidies than revenue from tourists/commuters on Bullet Train? Millions? Tens of Millions? Depends on what the tourists/commuters pay in fares, which if they pay like VTA’s passengers, Caltrain’s passengers, and Amtrak’s passengers, will be about 1 percent of the cost of the ride.

Please advise your readers.

Joe Thompson, Gilroy

Union debate at Saint Louise Hospital over ‘in our opinion’

Dear Editor,

We have always been proud to work at Saint Louise Regional Hospital. We have helped build a strong hospital that cares for the members of our community when they need medical care. Our ability to stand up for our patients and quality care has significantly improved over the past year – as our voice in the workplace has not only strengthened, but is actually heard. You’re probably asking what has changed – since we’ve been unionized for the past nine years.

It is because we – the healthcare workers – have taken back control of our union – SEIU-UHW. The union has undergone a transformation.

This means that we are making the decisions, are at the bargaining table negotiating the contract and setting the priorities. And as the people on the front lines caring for patients, we see the day-to-day challenges – what works and what needs to change. When we sit down with management, we know what to stand up for. And we did that when we negotiated a new contract at the end of last year.

This contract is about protecting the strong reputation of this hospital – making sure we continue to have experienced, well-trained staff that knows what it’s doing. With the good wages and healthcare included in our contract, we will keep experienced staff. But this progress is being threatened by a splinter group trying to get rid of our union.

Last year, former SEIU-UHW officials were removed from union office. They misused millions of our dues money and ignored our voices, stomping on our democratic rights. Then this new group, NUHW, filed petitions seeking to “decertify” SEIU by holding elections to move the workers to their own group. Ironically, NUHW is now using legal wrangling to prevent the elections they called for.

Our message to NUHW is that we’re proud of the improvements we’ve made to strengthen patient care at Saint Louise. We know that with the strength of our union, we can even further strengthen the care you get when you come to Saint Louise.

More than 60 percent of our co-workers signed a petition stating that we want to keep our contract and stay with SEIU-UHW.

In our opinion, the debate is over.

Josepha Sulubika, lab assistant; Vicki Wren, radiology

technician; Theresa Black, lab assistant; Shelley Cole-Atkinson, senior radiology technician; Marc Quarles, ultrasound

technician; Victoria Hughes, X-ray clerk; Susan Marcucci,

clinical service representative; Jill Kirby, food service;

Ginger Valenzuela, food service; Greg Gaboni,

surgical technician

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