Former Cal football player accused of rape has bail set at $500,000

Former Cal football player R. J. Garrett, a Gilroyan who

A 22-year-old Gilroy man who formerly played for the Cal
football team and allegedly raped a young local teen girl at his
home last weekend had his bail set at $500,000.
A 22-year-old Gilroy man who formerly played for the Cal football team and allegedly raped a young local teen girl at his home last weekend had his bail set at $500,000.

R.J. Xavier Garrett, who was arraigned at the Santa Clara County Courthouse in Morgan Hill Wednesday, has been charged with one count of sodomy with someone younger than 18. He is in Santa Clara County Jail on $500,000 bail and could face up to three years in prison, Santa Clara County District Attorney’s spokeswoman Amy Cornell said.

“This definitely was not consensual even in the loose sense of the word,” Gilroy Police Sgt. Wes Stanford said.

Garrett and the victim, who was in her early teens, initially met at a local fast food restaurant early this past weekend, Stanford said. They both exchanged phone numbers and texted and phoned each other before the girl went to Garrett’s home on the 8600 block of Delta Drive between 3 and 4 p.m. Sunday, he said.

Garrett sexually assaulted the girl there, leaving the girl traumatized, Stanford said.

Stanford would not give the victim’s exact age. The girl phoned police from a friend’s home about the incident, and police used investigative techniques to find Garrett’s home, he said.

Detectives set up surveillance in the area and arrested Garrett at 12:48 p.m. Monday at Santa Teresa Boulevard and Mantelli Drive while he was walking down the street. Garrett was arrested without incident, police said.

Police initially arrested Garrett for allegedly committing sodomy with someone younger than 16, trying to prevent a victim or witness from reporting a crime, committing false imprisonment and annoying or molesting a minor. However, Cornell said a sodomy charge for someone younger than 18 was the only one that the district attorney’s office is pursuing after reviewing the evidence. Garrett, who was assigned a public defender Wednesday, did not enter a plea. He will be back in court Tuesday.

The former Compton resident had a well-publicized criminal history in Berkeley. Garrett, a former fullback for the University of California, Berkeley football team, was arrested Oct. 21, 2008, after he and junior Gary Doxy used a BB gun on Sept. 30 to rob two Berkeley crew team members, according to a university press release. Garrett and Doxy demanded a laptop and a wallet from the men, though the robbers only fled with the laptop, the press release stated.

Police said at the time that the robbery was in response to several racist comments that were made by another crew team member at an off-campus party in September. Garrett, a sophomore at the time of the incident, was dismissed from the football team shortly after the robbery. He was convicted of grand theft in October and was sentenced to 13 days in Alameda County Jail and three years of probation.

A woman who answered the door at the Delta Drive house where Garrett had been staying said Wednesday that he had only been renting a room there for two weeks. Several people would go in and out of his room, and he often went out late at night, said the woman, who would not give her name.

She said she believed Garrett had lived with his girlfriend in Gilroy before he had moved into the house. The girlfriend works at a fast food restaurant in town, she said.

The woman at the house said she did not know why Garrett had been arrested. Police still have the key to the room where Garrett was staying, and they have kept the room locked while they are investigating, she said.

“I’m glad (Garrett) is gone,” she said.

Anyone who has information about prior sexual assault incidents regarding Garrett can contact Detective Jason Smith at 846-0300.

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