Red Phone: Hiccups with local DirecTV

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

I am calling about the annoying hiccuping and pixelating that
local channels are experiencing with DirecTV.
“I am calling about the annoying hiccuping and pixelating that local channels are experiencing with DirecTV. ‘Desperate House Wives’ and ‘Brothers and Sisters’ were a real nuisance to try to watch – but I’m a die-hard so I didn’t change it. I was wondering if perhaps Red Phone could get a better answer about what causes this and how long the 95020 zip code has to put up with it.”

Red Phone: Dear Couch Potato, The problem you were experiencing was temporary and should now be fixed. There was a problem for a few weeks with the KGO ABC feed out San Francisco, said DirecTV Director of Public Relations Robert Mercer.

“We had intermittent freeze-framing and pixelization related to a technical glitch at our local signal collection facility,” he said. “The issue was fixed and the picture is perfect now.”

So if the picture is still not perfect, let the Red Phone know. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss a moment of the drama.

Supe should attend meetings

“I have a problem with supervisor Don Gage not going to meetings. One of the first things Don didn’t go to was a perchlorate meeting in 2002 at San Martin/Gwinn School. We need a representative to represent us in the water district election when it comes due in the fall. There was a water district proposal of maps in the county showing new districts. Once again Don Gage did not attend this meeting. Since Don Gage is representing South County, he should have gone to the meeting.”

Red Phone: Dear Show Up, Red Phone finds it hard to believe that Supervisor Don Gage is slacking off when it comes to representing South County. After all, he grew up and lives in Gilroy. He even was the mayor here.

The first meeting was probably not relevant to him, Gage said.

“If I didn’t personally attend because of a conflict, I likely had a member of my personal staff attend,” he said. “The more important point is that the perchlorate is a water district issue and under their jurisdiction. The caller may or may not know that the Board of Supervisors has no authority over the Santa Clara Valley Water District. The District has a separately elected Board member who represents South County (Rosemary Kamei). While I keep myself informed on water-related issues and the impacts they may have on my constituents, it is the SCVWD and its elected Board of Directors that has direct authority over water – and in this case the perchlorate issue.”

In addition, attending some meetings could be perceived as a conflict of interest, he said.

“As for any meetings related to the drawing of new district boundaries for the Water District, I have made it a point not to attend because I am an announced candidate for the newly created South County seat,” Gage said. “If, however, any proposed new district attempted to split up and dilute the influence of South County, I will weigh-in in strong opposition to such a proposal.”

City needs uniform color code

“I was just wondering if there is a city ordinance for the color you paint your house? There is this house on the corner of Welburn and Wren avenues that just got a bright color of orange paint. I hope it is just primer because it is an eyesore just having to pass by it everyday. Thank you.”

Red Phone: Dear Color Correction, We’re not sure what this homeowner was thinking. But the city currently doesn’t have a uniform color ordinance, said Interim Planning Manager David Bischoff. But maybe the city should adapt an ordnance similar to that of Sedona, a town located in the beautiful Arizona desert. There, they require all houses be painted according to a light reflective value that matches the desert colors. Gilroy could require every building to be painted in garlic-colored tones. But maybe white and brown would get kind of old after awhile. …

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