Letters: Health care plan shoved down our throats by the federal government

I am outraged at the federal government for bullying us into
universal health care that we don’t want. Citizens, wake up, we are
being manipulated, not represented.
Dear Editor,

I am outraged at the federal government for bullying us into universal health care that we don’t want. Citizens, wake up, we are being manipulated, not represented.

At the heart of the conflict over health care reform are two incompatible understandings of America. One is based on the principles of progressivism, and would place more and more aspects of our lives under control of government bureaucracies; the other sees America as a society of free individuals under a Constitution that severely limits what the federal government can rightly do.

Government’s constitutional obligation in regard to protecting such rights as health care are normally met by establishing the conditions for free markets – markets that historically provide an abundance of goods and services, at an affordable cost, for the largest number. Government, rather than seeking to supply the need itself, should look to see if it’s own interventions are the root of the problem, and should make adjustments to unleash competition and choice.

But lamenting a problem without providing a solution is nothing more than whining. Only about 30 percent of Americans vote in most elections, rendering our collective voice just a whisper compared to what it should be.So, please register to vote and VOTE. Encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same – because whatever affects one of us, affects all of us.

Nancy Murphy, San Martin

Don’t blame the city employees, it’s the mayor and Council at fault

Dear Editor,

First of all, I can’t believe what terrible negative comments appeared in the Dispatch’s Community Pulse feature, and I think the 12 panelists are all cowards to make these comments anonymously. Put your name next to your comment!

I can’t believe you all think this about we city employees! I know many of you … incredibly hurtful statements. Not ONE city employee asked to have City Hall closed every Friday. This was a suggestion made by one of our city councilmembers after their “goal-setting meeting.” NOT one city employee enjoys being without pay for two days a month.

In fact, many city employees have gone out and gotten part time jobs to make up the difference in there pay. We are all hard-working people, with children and families to take care of. And for Councilman Perry Woodward to suggestion we take a another 10 percent pay cut, well, it’s just incredible to me – especially when the council didn’t take any pay cuts.

All of our families know firsthand what that feels like, yet, we come to work everyday. We work hard and we continue to provide our citizens, our customer, the best service we can provide. We enjoy seeing our city growing and thriving. We are the good guys! We don’t make the decisions on what services we provide or can’t provide, we are directed by the council, the mayor and the city manager.

If any of you don’t like like the direction the city is going in, PLEASE, go to the council, the mayor and make the changes that you want … you are the government or did you forget that.

Don’t take it out on us!

Theresa Hernandez, Gilroy

Editor’s note: The Community Pulse panelists remain anonymous as to their specific answers in order to foster candid responses. That is by design of the newspaper, not the panelists.

CAL Fire says a big thank you to community for its generous help

Dear Editor,

I wanted to take a minute to say a hearty THANK YOU to the generous citizens of South County. Last September we held a Fill the Boot drive to help support the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Jerry’s Kids at the corner of Monterey and Tennant in Morgan Hill.

We were able to collect over $6,600 to help out a great cause. The citizens of South County really stepped up to the plate and helped out even in the harsh economic times we find ourselves in. The community spirit we experienced was overwhelming to say the least.

We are looking forward to our M.D.A. drive again this year and I only hope to match the success of last year.

Herb Alpers, CAL Fire, South Santa Clara County Fire District

Unfair for social liberals to decry Catholics over molestation issue

Dear Editor,

Marc Perkel’s socialist, atheist rants crossed the line in his March 23 letter. He states, “you Catholics listen up … if … a religious group has a personal relationship with God then you wouldn’t be raping children.”

He is clearly calling Catholics, in general, rapists. The one good that comes of this is, that another of his (socialist) kind has revealed himself not only ignorant, but a moron.

Had that ignorance been about some minority group there would be a civil rights investigation. According to the Tomasi report in 2009, the abuse rate is the same as other groups (including the secular Vienna Boys Choir) and denominations. But since 1/6 of the world’s population is Catholic (the largest religious denomination in the world), it’s fair game in today’s double standard, and as a conservative institution, a particularly ripe target for the liberal media.

Alan Viarengo, Gilroy

Grocery Outlet gets the boot – c’mon up the road to Morgan Hill

Dear Editor,

I couldn’t believe it when I read that the Grocery Outlet was being kicked out.

Not too long ago the place was remodeled and improved (and that cost money I’m sure). I think a discount grocery fills a need, and it’s a darn shame that after 20 years in that location that they would be so casually denied their lease. Money/greed is behind it, I suppose.

Maybe you could contact Mi Pueblo and ask them why they don’t take over the old Walmart location, the cars flocked in there with customers and think of all the parking spaces.

Hey, Grocery Outlet, have you checked into the availability of the old Mervyn’s in Morgan Hill? We’d be glad to have you here!

Carol Sanford, Morgan Hill

God as disgusted as the rest of us about Catholic sex abuse scandal

Dear Editor,

I just finished reading Marc Perkel’s letter, and would like to respond.

I was born into the Catholic religion. I learned the difference between God and the Human institution. Is there a God? I can’t answer that question for him, because the answer comes from within, faith comes from within.

As far as the sexual abuse scandals, don’t blame God for the corruption, I am pretty sure He is just as disgusted as the rest of us.

As for the leadership in Rome, it’s long overdue for a major overhaul. We have no real leaders there, no one with the courage to step up to the plate and clean out the riff raff. And I’m sorry isn’t enough. Remove the guilty immediately, especially those that hide priests, starting from the top.

Jesus ridiculed the religious leaders of His day, and I’m sure if He came back today He would say “not much has changed.”

I have many, many friends and acquaintances in the religious community, nuns and priests who are like family. They are truly living the Gospel, so please do not lump the good in the same category as the criminals.

If you can’t see the good they do, it may be time to look inside yourself. People only reflect what they are: no matter if you are atheist, Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Protestant.

Jesus’s love inspired people to start orphanages, hospitals, systems of education, feeding and clothing the hungry. You can Google Catholic Relief Services to see, or go to the Diocese or any Parish and see. If you don’t see it, you aren’t looking. Do you actually believe that outward appearances alone is the only measure of a religious person?

Mary J. Silva, Gilroy

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