And we’re off to the cowboy ‘Power Friday’ shootout

Jackson Sawyer

When people said to me,

Oh, you’re going to love it,


Being a grandparent is the best thing in the world,

I didn’t really get it. I do now. Somehow, it’s magic.
Item No. 1: First name, Jackson, middle name, Sawyer. That’s the new grandson’s name. He’s healthy, happy (he smiled for the first and second time today while snoozing away all bundled up) … and thank you to everyone who has sent hearty good wishes. When people said to me, “Oh, you’re going to love it,” and “Being a grandparent is the best thing in the world,” I didn’t really get it. I do now. Somehow, it’s magic.

There hasn’t been a magic solution to downtown parking and traffic flow, but one of our website commentators had this to say: “Make Monterey Street one way going south. Make Eigleberry Street one way going north. Put in diagonal parking on both sides of the street on both Monterey and Eigleberry streets. Leave all cross streets First through Third two way. Make Fourth through Ninth one-way streets alternating east and west. Put in diagonal parking on those short streets also. This will almost double the parking in downtown so customers might use it. This can be done cheaply as a test by just re-striping the pavement and putting up standard temporary signage for one year. After a year this can be changed if needed.” May I suggest the author consider running for City Council. We are in desperate need of critical thinkers to lead the way in these challenging times.

Leading the way at the very successful Container Consulting Services, Inc. is Georgia Trefts-Garfink, President. She’s been active in the Chamber, Rotary and the Economic Development Corporation. Her company earned the “Large Business of the Year” honors in Gilroy in 2009. The motto is as emphatic as it is clear: “Great service has no limits.” That’s the kind of person Mayor Al Pinheiro and Council members Dion Bracco, Cat Tucker and Peter Arellano should be consulting before voting on proposals like “Power Fridays.”

There’s zero power in having the wrong contact information for the city’s Economic Development Corporation’s CEO on the EDC website a month after the new CEO has landed in Gilroy. Let’s get our new man, Richard Spitler, on there as the permanent go-to person for development in Gilroy, please …

And thank you very much to two Gilroy teachers are in order: First Chris Wheeler who has been a friend to my grandson’s mother since grammar school. She recently sent Shannon an edition of “Room 8 News” from 1990 that her fifth-grade class dedicated to me after, I think, the class toured The Dispatch … it reminded me, sentimentally, how quick the time goes and how lasting the influence of a good teacher can be. Then, as my daughter Mariah’s tenure at Gilroy High nears a close, there’s Phil Robb, the music teacher and choir director who propels his students to great heights with a masterful mixture of discipline and good humor. His tutelage has meant so much to Mariah, and it will mean even more as the years go by I’m sure. All that and he’s a Notre Dame fan. Can’t wait for the Gilroy High School spring choir performances – Wednesday, April 21 at the GHS cafeteria and Thursday, April 22 at Mission San Juan Bautista. Performances begin at 7:30 p.m. Mark your calendar …

Just marked mine for a visit to Martin Ranch Winery out on Redwood Retreat Road this weekend for a taste on the gloriously rural deck. The weather’s going to be absolutely spectacular, though perhaps not quite so spectacular as Phil Mickelson’s second shot on par-5 13th hole Sunday during the Masters at Augusta National Golf Course. Phil’s drive found the Gump, as in forest. Second shot: 207 yards off the fluffy pine straw through the gap between two trees under the branches over the creek soft landing within four feet. Tiger churned to butter. I covered and photographed Tom Watson’s amazing chip in on 17 at Pebble Beach that beat Jack Nicklaus in 1982, but I’ve never seen a shot like Mickelson pulled off on 13 Sunday under pressure at the Masters. Amazing.

Amazing, too, is the number of people from Gilroy – 41 to be exact – who have applied to be on the Citizen’s Redistricting Committee which will be charged with redrawing fair legislative districts in California. On the list: Terry M. Feinberg, Robert Frank Aguirre, Peter Dennise Arellano, Jan A. Bernstein, Jeffrey L. Clet, John K. Hegner, Paul V. Kloecker, Penelope Karas Lockhart, James E. Pace, Constance (Connie) A. Rogers, Anthony Vaughn Weiler and William (Bill) Lewis Wenholz. Some serious South County firepower …

If that’s not enough firepower for you, head to San Martin for the Quicksilver Shootout VII – a cowboy mounted shooting competition. yeehaw! It’s free from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday at the TMF Equestrian Center, 560 Church Ave. Old Buckaroo sent us the news …

Not sure if Ol’ Buck will be there, but don’t forget the annual plant sale hosted by South Valley Fleurs Garden Club in the parking lot at Booksmart Saturday, 80 East 2nd St., Morgan Hill. Flowers, veggies, herbs and perennials … and cacti.

Speaking of cacti, it might get a little prickly (to say the least) for the person(s) messing with our Web poll question about “Power Fridays” this past week. We’re tracking it down and the story should be interesting.

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