Red Phone: Police presence appreciated

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

The police have been making a presence during baseball games at
Los Animas Park. Keep it up. It really helps.
“The police have been making a presence during baseball games at Los Animas Park. Keep it up. It really helps.”

Red Phone: Dear Policed In The Park, Thanks for your word of thanks. It is nice to know that parents can rest a little easier while their young athletes compete in a sports contest. Red Phone passed your comment on to the police, who appreciated it. Despite the city cutbacks, it is still important to maintain a presence at public events, said Gilroy Police Sgt. Wes Stanford

“As the seasons change and the weather improves, we know that more citizens begin to utilize the Gilroy parks,” he said. “Officers that have a park in their beat, especially heavily used ones such as San Ysidro, Las Animas and Christmas Hill try to complete regular patrols through the parks as calls for service allow.”

Other groups are also trying to be more visible to try to prevent crimes.

“Additionally the Anti-Crime Team will direct their efforts toward the parks to thwart gang issues and other violent crimes,” Stanford said. “As staffing allows, we will also utilize the Bicycle Patrol Unit and occasionally the Mounted Enforcement Unit in the parks. We encourage people to call us when they witness unruly behavior, fights, potential fights, narcotics use, or other law violations. This enables officers to keep the parks safe and enjoyable for law abiding citizens.”

If you notice a crime in progress in a park, you can 911 and 846-0350 for non-emergency calls.

Widening Welburn bridge

“This is a very busy bridge and is very narrow. Kids used to walk to Gilroy High School and get on and off the levee there. Any plans to widen it?

Red Phone: Dear Bridge Expansion, The city had made some initial plans to widen that bridge and put in a new bridge on 10th Street. But those plans, along with several others in the area, have been put on hold as the Glen Loma Ranch housing development has stalled due to the economy, said Traffic Engineer Don Dey.

The project, which would have been the biggest development project in Gilroy’s history, was scheduled to provide more than 1,500 homes, an elementary school and network of open space and trails to the city’s southwest quadrant.

But in the meantime, it is important for both pedestrians and drivers to be careful in that area. Like you mentioned, good caller, it is narrow and a lot of people use it.

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