Red Phone: Grocery Outlet could return

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

I would like to know if the Grocery Outlet is coming back to
Gilroy? If it is coming back, where and when?
“I would like to know if the Grocery Outlet is coming back to Gilroy? If it is coming back, where and when? I was also wondering if there are places people can bring stuff to and have it shredded? Gilroy doesn’t have anything like that. Is there a discount for senior citizens.”

Red Phone: Dear Shop And Shred, It looks like Grocery Outlet could indeed be coming back to Gilroy. Many shoppers were sad to see it close its First Street location in April after the lease was not renewed. Hispanic foods store Mi Pueblo is scheduled to open at the former Grocery Outlet store.

Grocery Outlet has signed a lease at 333 E. 10th St., next to the Orchard Supply Hardware, said Grocery Outlet Vice President of Real Estate Marc Drasin. “As soon as we get permits we will expand the store and open late November,” he said. The company will release more details once the deal is finalized, Drasin said.

While there may be no shredding service here, there are several mobile services such as Piranha Shredding that will come out to your house and shred the documents in front of you. Piranha charges $35 for up to five boxes of shredable junk. There is no senior discount. You can contact them at 615-8404 or at

Give me my bobblehead

“I’m calling to give a jeer to the Garlic Festival organizers for again not having the bobblehead doll. A worker at the mercantile tent said they were too expensive and festival goers would be charged $25 to $30. I talked to a lot of people who said they’d pay the additional money for the doll. I bet if they had 1,000 or 2,000 of those dolls, they’d sell out. I hope they bring the doll back.”

Red Phone: Dear Herbie Watcher, You are not alone in your desire to see the return of the popular Herbie bobblehead. But it may be awhile before they return. “Yes, we are very proud of our Herbie mascot and know that our fans love the bobblehead,” said Garlic Festival Executive Director Brian Bowe. “Anecdotally, we do hear of people who are willing to pay almost any price for one.”

But he said that even though the festival did produce “1,000 or 2,000,” they didn’t sell out at the festival even at $13 each. “It’s best for Herbie to continue his hiatus for a few more years,” he said. “He is likely to make an encore appearance at our 35th Annual Festival in 2013.”

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