Letters: Mi Pueblo’s current color scheme isn’t harmonious with Gilroy

After reading the article in the paper, I would like to add my
voice to the other residents who do not like the overly bright
colors that Mi Pueblo wishes to use on their Gilroy store.
Dear Editor,

After reading the article in the paper, I would like to add my voice to the other residents who do not like the overly bright colors that Mi Pueblo wishes to use on their Gilroy store.

I find it quite understandable that surrounding businesses would object to just a startling addition to the otherwise well co-ordinated colors of the mall. There are many eye-catching bright colors, however that pink shade is an incredible jolt to one’s senses beyond belief.

Maybe it is acceptable in other communities where Mi Pueblo has stores, but I don’t think it is right for Gilroy. Put me down as against the current color scheme.

Jean Summers, Gilroy

County Farm Bureau recommends Rob Bernosky for state Assembly

Dear Editor,

When we look around and see the current status of our state Legislature, a few things stand out: the state budget was 100 days late, jobs are leaving the state in record numbers, decreased resources are available for education, and fierce partisanship is allowed to get in the way of real reform. If you want to see some positive changes in Sacramento, look no further than Rob Bernosky. The choice for California’s 28th Assembly District couldn’t be more straightforward. It’s a matter of identifying our needs and finding individuals who can address them.

Our education system is struggling. As a member of the North County Joint Union School District in San Benito County, Rob Bernosky sparked tremendous improvement in academic performance, taking the district’s state rating from 2 out of 10 to a stellar 10 out of 10.

Our state Legislature is ineffectively struggling to create new private sector jobs. Entrepreneur Rob Bernosky has worked in private industry all his life and he realizes the importance of private investment, fewer onerous regulations and a reduced tax burden. He will work to protect water for California’s crops and private property rights to keep our family farms in business.

Legislative spending is out of whack. As a chief financial officer, Bernosky has an excellent grasp on what it means to be able to pay bills, make payroll and operate using a balanced budget.

Our state government is broken. Bernosky specializes in transitioning distressed companies and restoring them to profitability and success.

Rob Bernosky is uniquely prepared for this crisis. He is ready on day one to handle the challenges and get this state moving in the right direction. Rob Bernosky for 28th Assembly District.

Jan Garrod, president, Santa Clara County Farm Bureau and Jennifer Williams, executive director SC County Farm Bureau

Sheer folly for the Gilroy City Council to negotiate with CHSRA

Dear Editor,

Regarding the perspective of some Gilroy City Council members who desire to negotiate with the California High Speed Rail Authority: It’s really difficult for David to negotiate with Goliath. Goliath has no reason to!

Kathy Hamilton, Gilroy

Very happy about the coverage for the Gilroy High School reunion

Dear Editor,

I recently read a letter to the editor requesting more coverage of the “Happy Days Reunion of the ’60s II.” I’m sorry that Ms. Sampson did not believe there was enough coverage, our reunion committee was very pleased with the coverage. A very BIG “THANK YOU” to Kat Teraji for the before and after coverage.

If you missed any of the coverage in the Dispatch, you can go online and read the stories. The reunion committee is working on getting our website updated with photos, too. Our website is: wwwgilroyreunionofthe60s.com. Keep checking, it may take a few weeks to get everything updated. We will be having another reunion in two years. Spread the word.

If you would like to be a part of the committee please contact your class representative or to make a donation, contact me at [email protected]

Lynn Hennessee-Cordia, GHS Happy Days Reunion II committee

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