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Should the city force Mi Pueblo grocery store to change the
paint colors on the store’s facade?

Should the city force Mi Pueblo grocery store to change the paint colors on the store’s facade?





■ NO!! It’s a Hispanic store and those are Hispanic colors. The Planning Commission made the right decision. I’m tired of racism in Gilroy.

■ Yes. The blatant disregard for what the owner of the property did with the remodel of that center to improve the aesthetic of the center a couple of years ago is obscene. The colors Mi Pueblo used are strictly to act like a searchlight/beacon. If they want corporate colors, paint the inside walls or use them on their sign, but not on the building exterior. Other cities establish criteria all the time.

■ No. It is ridiculous to continue this subversive attack on our city’s diversity and the preconceived notions and beliefs of what is “proper.”

■ No. The Planning Commission already decided it a brand issue and they should be allowed to keep colors.

■ After driving past the new Mi Pueblo market, the city should really take a look at the area and other stores in the complex. How horrible is it that they will not take a stand on making a right decision for the beautification of Gilroy. That store looks like a pinata!

■ Yes. I believe the City should have some control over the appearance of our city.

■ No. The city’s policy is very subjective on interpreting what is acceptable in terms of expressing corporate brand standards. In addition, the standards are not consistently applied. We have many worse looking facades on First Street (that have been allowed to retain their bright colors.) I welcome Mi Pueblo but would like them to understand this is not a race issue – it is a city policy issue.

■ No. Good grief, how picky can people get? Leave it, and be glad there’s a new business in town.

■ NO, NO, a thousand times NO. Do we want a beige town? Bring back the flames on Super Save. Keep Arteaga’s in tropical colors.

■ They should be forced to abide by the current practices that all other businesses in the area had to abide.

■ Let the colors stay

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