Letters: Ousting AMR as ambulance service provider for county a huge mistake

Today, the Board of Supervisors voted to award contract
negotiations to Rural Metro, a small, undermanned company with no
financial backing to speak of.
Dear Editor,

Today, the Board of Supervisors voted to award contract negotiations to Rural Metro, a small, undermanned company with no financial backing to speak of.

American Medical Response has been providing emergency medical services to this county for years. This is going to have a tremendous impact on the citizens of Santa Clara County, those in need of emergency medical service, as well as those who lose their jobs with the new contract, contributing to the unemployment rate in Santa Clara County.

Many are not aware that this change is even occurring. The public can write letters to the board of supervisors expressing their opinion in this matter and perhaps get this contract back for AMR. The employees will have to pay substantially more for benefits, several will be unemployed, and not all will be rehired.

The AMR name alone inspires confidence and provides comfort. We are mortified that Rural Metro was awarded the contract.

Corina Barone, Gilroy

Give South County interests a voice: Mike Wasserman for Supervisor

Dear Editor,

I have lived in South County for well over 30 years and honored to be involved in various organizations – director of the Chamber of Commerce, retired business owner, Santa Clara County and Morgan Hill Planning commissions, City Council and past mayor of Morgan Hill. I received special recognition by our state Assembly and Senate and above all I cherish the recognition as Citizen of the Year in 1988. I’m now retired, but remain concerned and involved to keep South County the special place we all enjoy.

Don Gage, retiring District 1 County Supervisor has served us well and we will miss his guidance and dedication. Don is endorsing Mike Wasserman to carry on his commitment to keep a strong voice representing our area on the Board of Supervisors.

Additionally, Mike has been endorsed by all local newspapers and has an impressive list of endorsements from people who have confidence in his future representation to our area. His opponent will likely ignore and disregard our issues by voting his continued allegiance to San Jose.

I, along with many concerned citizens and neighbors, fully endorse Mike Wasserman to represent South County. Keep your voice for South County and Vote for Mike Wasserman.

Laurie Barke, Morgan Hill

Prop 25 just another ‘power play ploy’ by politicians to raise taxes

Dear Editor,

I’ve found that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is! So, when I saw the Yes on Prop 25 campaign commercial, with its promise to end gridlock and pass a budget, I was pleased. But, when I saw who is paying for the initiative and then read more about Prop 25, I wasn’t surprised.

Prop 25 doesn’t guarantee a balanced budget or an on-time budget. It’s nothing more than a power play by our elected officials and their public employee union supporters to keep doing what they’ve been doing – raise taxes, continue borrowing and spending … and then ask the taxpayers and business community to fund their bloated government and pensions.

California’s Legislature needs to go on a spending diet … we don’t need to make it easier to raise taxes. I’d love California to have no gridlock and a balanced budget … but Prop 25 will deliver neither.

Steve Van Dorn, president & CEO Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Convention-Visitors Bureau

A wise no-confidence vote against the high speed rail authority

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the taxpayers and small business owners, thank to the City Council for the brave, wise decision to reject the California High Speed Rail Authority’s Bullet-in-the-Brain Train plan.

To confirm and verify the wisdom of your decision, look at the most recent price tag comparison for government rail around here, SF’s MTA’s newest big boondoggle mentioned below by Tom Rubin, who was former top guy on LA’s transit agency.

If the SF MTA’s rail price tag is $1,297,950,000 for 1.7 miles of track, then at that same rate the Bullet Train’s price tag for 800 miles is approximately 800 miles x $1.3 billion/mile = $1.04 trillion.

The Council’s decision is as sound as the CAHSRA’s plan is insane.

Joseph P. Thompson, Gilroy

Yes on County Measure A to protect the health of the children

Dear Editor,

For almost 30 years I have been in public service trying to do the best for our community.

I served on the Valley Transportation Authority, Habitat Conservation Plan and was a leader in creating the Gilroy Youth Center. The center provides a safe facility for children to interact and participate in activities from football to arts and crafts. I am proud I helped develop the center and as a current Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors elected official, I believe I can accomplish more, and that is why I support Measure A – the Children’s Health Protection Act.

As a lifelong resident of the county, a father of three and grandfather of six, I see a great need to support Measure A. Vote “yes” for the county and our children.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Don Gage, Gilroy

Time running out to nominate people and businesses for honors

Dear Editor,

The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce extends an open invitation to the community to submit nominations for the 2010 Spice of Life awards.

These awards have been presented to individuals and businesses since 1966, and has provided an opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions that make our community so great.

Categories are:

– Man and Woman of the Year;

– Small and Large Business of the Year;

– Firman B. Voorhies Volunteer of the Year;

– and Educator of the Year.

Application forms are available at the Chamber office, 7471 Monterey St., and at www.gilroy.org, by phone at 842-6437, or e-mail request to [email protected] The deadline for nominations is Friday, Oct. 29.

Recipients of the 2010 Spice of Life Awards will be honored at our Annual Spice of Life Dinner scheduled for Friday, Feb. 12, 2011, at the San Juan Oaks Golf Club.

Each honoree will be presented with proclamations and recognitions from our elected officials. The gala event draws over 300 people and is always a fitting tribute to those who give and do so much. Please consider sending in your nominations today.

Susan Valenta, president/CEO, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

Santa Clara Valley Water District’s agenda as always – more money

Dear Editor,

Flood fears. I’m not buying it. This is just another water district move to milk the taxpayers in Santa Clara County for more money. Cost of repairs to the Anderson Dam: $100 million.

They must think our pockets are deep and our heads empty. I’d like to see at least six different independent surveys done on the dam. See what the real threat to the folks down in the flat land is, so that the dam isn’t unnecessarily drained like it was in 1987. How much did we get milked for that time and who really pays the cost?

I’ve owned my home in Holiday Lake Estates for more than 27 years. I was here when the water district was in cahoots with the parks and recreation department to get the owner of the Holiday Marina out of business. That was their agenda back then when they “fixed the dam.” What is the agenda now? Money?

Diana Guido, Morgan Hill

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