Acts Revival Center rocks South Valley

Michael-John Toste

In the midst of turmoil around the globe with acts of terrorism,
natural disasters and the crazy economy many are crying out for
answers to their bewildering circumstances.
In the midst of turmoil around the globe with acts of terrorism, natural disasters and the crazy economy many are crying out for answers to their bewildering circumstances. People are searching for something bigger than the problems they face. Who isn’t fighting depression, loss of home or job, struggling with cancer, diabetes or broken relationships? If this describes you the solution is closer than you think.

ARC (Acts Revival Center) meets at the cultural and community center near downtown Morgan Hill.

The center’s spacious grounds are ideal for the innovative ARC and Michael-John Toste, who isn’t confined to stuffy religious methods. His background in music didn’t launch in a church. Toste’s musical abilities landed him, at age 20, with an ’80s rock band (The All Sports Band) where he performed as lead singer before millions in 36 countries, on American Bandstand, MTV and Solid Gold. Years later he left the entertainment industry searching for something more satisfying and found Jesus Christ. Although Toste did make a commitment to serve the Lord, he never stopped creating music.

When Toste isn’t composing a song behind his grand piano or teaching, he often meets with new and established entrepreneurs as a business consultant.

Toste’s love for people combined with his entertainment and entrepreneurial background brought in guest speakers to ARC such as Stewart Anderson (founder of the Black Angus Restaurant chain), actor Judge Rhinehold, multiple Grammy-award winner Deniece Williams (who comes to Silicon Valley to minister with Toste on many occasions), best-selling author and evangelist Mel Tari, and the late Dennis Tinerino, famous body builder who competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One notable event in Toste’s ministry is the Sept. 11, 2002 America’s Heroes of Freedom Tribute held in Washington, D.C. The ceremony honored those injured or killed during the terrorist attack at the Pentagon in 2001. Toste remembered how the Pentagon families were touched.

“The families were so blessed,” he said. “Many told me, ‘We can’t believe anyone would remember us one year after the 9-11 terrorist attack and do something this special for us.’ It touched our hearts as well as theirs.”

The families of the deceased, survivors and rescue workers were treated to a gala star-studded show with Mohammad Ali, Randy Travis, Roberta Flack, The Nelson Brothers, Ron Kenoly, 17 U.S. medalists of the 2002 Winter Olympic games, members of Congress and various dignitaries. A week after the tribute, Senator Hillary Clinton sent a letter to Toste and the volunteers thanking them for the event.

Back in Silicon Valley, many who attend Acts Revival Center were healed from cancer, diabetes, raised from the dead, woke up from comas, arthritis completely wiped out in many, blind people received their sight, the lame walk, those planning to kill themselves saved and marriages salvaged. Antoinette Ludwig recalled her experiences with Toste.

“We have had so many miracles from God through Michael-John’s ministry … perhaps the most noteworthy miracle was when I called Michael-John. My brother-in-law, Tom, was undergoing heart bypass surgery. My sister called and asked me to pray because the surgery was taking a bit longer than expected. I immediately called Michael-John. We prayed over the phone for Tom. Later I found out he died on the operating table. Miraculously he came back to life.”

Ludwig was healed from ovarian cancer by receiving prayer from Toste at one of the ARC meetings.

Sally Marty, an entrepreneur and mom, said, “I have had so many awesome healings from the Lord since Merv and I have been going to ARC. I watched my husband, my children and myself be touched by God like never before. Anyone who reads this I would say, if you are tired of being bummed out, depressed and hating life itself, come join ARC and watch God change your misfortunes into a life of blessings.”

ARC meets from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday at the Morgan Hill Cultural and Community Center, 17000 Monterey Road. For more information, contact ARC (408) 998-4371 or

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