Letters: Why not ban pot and chew too?

I know I am too late but I only support the County’s proposed
ban on smoking if it also bans marijuana smoking and chewing
tobacco in the same places.
Dear Editor,

I know I am too late but I only support the County’s proposed ban on smoking if it also bans marijuana smoking and chewing tobacco in the same places.

I think that chewing and spitting is really dirty. I am a non-smoker and I would not support just a ban on tobacco. We might just as well ban everything done anywhere and then be done with it.

Just banning the tobacco smoking is like the law to use only hands free cell phones in autos AND then discovering that texting was even more dangerous. Then it is time to scramble like blazes to do it right the second time.

Jacqui Holladay, Gilroy

Reminder that outgoing Supervisor Don Gage is no friend of taxpayers

Dear Editor,

I had planned on forgetting the fact that Don Gage has not been a friend of the taxpayer as Santa Clara County supervisor. Now Don, who I really like as a person, is running for the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board, which is another government bureaucracy which loves spending money freely on pet projects and ad campaigns to justify their own existence.

As a parting shot, Mr. Gage is supporting yet another big government benevolent giveaway of health care services for who? Well, the children of course! I mean who doesn’t want to take care of the children? Yet, the Santa Clara County Health System still refuses to restrict services to legal citizens. So we continue to pay for bus loads of illegals to get medical care on our dime. Don’t buy the lie that illegals pay taxes, too, because if they are using someone else’s Social Security Number to get a job, that money will not be allocated properly and ends up getting sucked up into the federal government.

Not only that, when the person whose stolen Social Security was used files taxes, their 1040 will not match the employers W-2 or 1099 most likely causing you to be audited. Enough! I wish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Department would set up an office in front of the brand spanking new county health clinic, brought to you by none other than Don Gage, and start raiding it for harboring and aiding criminal aliens every day.

You think I am cold hearted? After seeing last week’s national news about illegal aliens defiantly and openly doing precinct walks for Democratic candidates because Democrats are more sympathetic to amnesty for illegals – that was the last straw for me. How dare these criminal illegals participate in our system of government.

Another reason to remove the party in power for pandering incessantly to the Hispanic population in order to retain power. How shameful is that? The same goes for Republicans who also pander to that demographic. What ever happened to the rule of law?

I don’t care what party affiliation politicians belong to, I care if they follow the Constitution strictly and shrink, not grow our bloated local, state and federal governments. Enough! Mr. Gage, we have been taxed enough already. We can’t afford another dime no matter how good or important the cause.

Apparently you, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and hundreds of other tax and spend politicians haven’t learned what we in the private sector live by every day. You don’t spend more than you have and the government has no business in health care, especially for illegals. Come November, I think they may actually get the point. Enough!

Mark A. Zappa, Gilroy

Anthony Ruiz: perfect candidate for election to Gavilan College Board

Dear Editor,

There is one candidate who can bring a unique and valuable perspective to the Gavilan College Board of Trustees – Anthony Ruiz.

Mr. Ruiz and I occupied adjacent offices on the Gavilan campus for many years, and I recall with high regard the skill and care with which he encouraged his language class students and counseled his academic advisees.

During those years, we served together on numerous faculty committees and organizations. I admired and learned from his understanding of and ideas about instruction, administration and governance. Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Ruiz was always a strong voice on behalf of the needs of students.

The college and the community will be well served if Anthony Ruiz is elected to the Gavilan College Governing board on Nov. 2.

Alan Porcella, Gilroy

Local musicians, artists and more at Saturday’s Downtown Wine Stroll

Dear Editor,

The Gilroy Downtown Business Association extends an invitation to the community to come to the Gilroy Downtown Wine Stroll on Saturday, Oct. 30, from 2 to 5 p.m. This event is a celebration of our local businesses, a sampling of fine wines from our region’s vintners, displays from local artists, and local musicians performing throughout the afternoon.

Gilroy is known for its hospitality, and we are convinced that this is event that not only showcases our historic district but the art and culture that abounds in our area. Tickets are only $20 and will be limited to 750. Advance tickets are available for purchase at the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, 7471 Monterey Street, the Gilroy Visitors Bureau, 7800 Monterey Street, and at participating businesses throughout downtown Gilroy.

A 2010 Garlic Festival/Downtown Gilroy commemorative glass, special coupon offers, tastings at 20 business locations, refreshments, entertainment, and more will make this a fun afternoon – and in case you were wondering, costumes are encouraged!

Local musicians will include Lauren Bevilacqua, Jeff Strametz, Frank Dicker, Luke Dunbar, Johnny Epp, and Absolut Fix. The Gilroy Art Alliance and the Gilroy Community Garden will be showcasing local artists, and will have wine and art in the garden. Artists will have displays at various locations throughout the downtown, also.

So, come on downtown, purchase your Wine Stroll ticket, and discover another reason why Gilroy is a community with a Spice for Life!

Eric Howard, Chairman of the Board,

Gilroy Downtown Business Association

City Council’s ‘hissy fit’ gets the attentions of high-speed rail folks

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the Gilroy City Council: your hissy fit – a no confidence vote in the California High Speed Rail Authority – got the adults in charge to pay attention.

Hans Laetz, Gilroy

Don Gage receives a ‘confident’ endorsement from Farm Bureau

Dear Editor,

Over the years, the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau has had the pleasure of working with Don Gage in a variety of capacities and we confidently endorse him for his next step, District 1 Director of the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Don Gage offers District 1 voters just what they need in a candidate for the water district: access, common sense, and good government. Gage’s primary goal at the water district board is to create consensus so the board can focus on priorities of a balanced budget, appropriate use of ratepayer funds, transparency, and accountability. And he actually has the political experience and knowledge to get it done.

During his almost 30 years in public office, Gage has set the standard for accessibility – even giving out his personal cell phone number – and he effectively addresses constituent concerns in a timely manner. He has consistently demonstrated fiscal restraint and practices the notion that a government for the people, by the people should be accountable to the people.

You can always count on Don Gage to vote his conscience and give it you straight, and we can count on him to serve this area well on the water district board.

Vote for Don Gage for SCVWD District 1.

Jan Garrod, President, Santa Clara County Farm Bureau

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