Letters ‘Crazy people’ can’t solve our problems

While I thought local left-wing liberal Marc Perkel could go no
farther down the bubble-world path of self-delusion, he surpassed
himself in his Oct. 29 letter to the editor.
Dear Editor,

While I thought local left-wing liberal Marc Perkel could go no farther down the bubble-world path of self-delusion, he surpassed himself in his Oct. 29 letter to the editor. Perkel is living in the twilight zone of non-reality where more taxation is good, Obama can do no wrong, the Democrats are always for the best interests of America, and the Republicans “have gotten worse”. Wrong!

Perkel wrote “crazy people don’t tend to solve complex problems.” Well, no wonder the Democrat-controlled Congress can’t solve America’s fiscal problems.

In fact, according to U.S. economist Nouriel Roubini “The U.S. economy is a ‘fiscal train wreck’ waiting to happen that risks ushering in a period of stagnation featuring by minimal growth, high unemployment and deflationary pressure.”

Adding additional taxes and more governmental red-tape will never create more jobs and reduce unemployment. Yet, this is the Democrats modus operandi of government as they continue to lead America down the road of financial ruin.

Think not? Perkel said that “Democrats are fiscally conservative.” Fiscal conservatives have not gotten our children and grandchildren into a national debt burden of trillions of dollars that will take years to pay off, if it ever can be paid off. You’re dreaming, Marc. And wake-up time comes Nov. 2 when the voters will splash cold water in your face.

James Fennell, Gilroy

Cherry Orchard senior housing a perfect example of poor planning

Dear Editor,

Soon the Planning Commission and the City Council will consider the Cherry Orchard development application for 349 modular homes for seniors on the site of a productive cherry orchard on Old Bolsa Road.

Although the project will pay impact fees to the city, those are only paid once. The continuing expenses, year after year, of providing police, fire and emergency services will actually COST the city (that means you and me) a great deal. The city must also pay to maintain the water, sewer and storm drains, roads and sidewalks to this remote location. This is in addition to the danger that much greater emergency response times pose to those residents.

The project violates our General Plan in such fundamental ways that approval will actually require re-planning the development of our city. It would be great in an in-fill location such as the former Las Animas Elementary School site, which would place residents close to all services and not cost the city anything.

I hope our decision makers realize that “affordable senior housing” is never an excuse for costly bad planning.

Connie Rogers, Gilroy

It’s an accident involving a child that’s just waiting to happen

Dear Editor,

Both my children attend Las Animas Elementary School. This school is poorly designed and nobody seems to care!

My problem is parents try to make a right turn into one lane to drop off kids or pick kids up. One of these days – I hate to say it, but God forbid a child loses his life to the careless drivers. There are two lanes, a left turn and a right turn, and parents come barreling down and cut off everyone waiting in line! Many parents are sick of those individuals who don’t care. How would they feel if of there students were hurt by someone doing the same thing?

When is the “future street” going to be developed so that the new streets fix this problem? There are only two lanes people, not three!

Lorena Martinez, Gilroy

Real protection for Santa Clara County workers – Mike Wasserman

Dear Editor,

Are unions necessary? Of course they are. They protect hard-working people from greedy business giants.

The unions are backing Forest Williams in the race for District One Santa Clara County Supervisor very strongly. But are they really protecting the hard-working people or are they backing a candidate who is willing to bankrupt county government at the expense of taxpayers?

When unions protect unreasonably high wages and pensions, risking bankrupting the entire county government, hard-working taxpayers are the ones who suffer with higher taxes and lost jobs.

I would rather see someone like Mike Wasserman, an experienced candidate who understands the need for worker’s protection without bankrupting the system, get the job – one who really protects jobs for the workers while being fair to the taxpayers.

Tom Di Vittorio, Morgan Hill

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