$1,929,485 for ‘management costs’ to build new library?

World Series Champion San Francisco Giants … how sweet those
words are. Now, the words,

Four world championships, no splash hits,

are just a sad commentary from across the bay.
World Series Champion San Francisco Giants … how sweet those words are. Now, the words, “Four world championships, no splash hits,” are just a sad commentary from across the bay. “World Champions, 3 million fans a year AND splash hits.” Not to mention Gilroy garlic fries at the park …

Gilroy’s own Bobby Baksa, who works in the Giants front office not only got the 747 trip to Arlington and took his brother Tucker along, but he also rode in the same cable car as Buster Posey in the parade Wednesday. Wowza, that is the time of one’s life.

Now that the Giants have won, during my lifetime I’d also like to see the traffic trip mechanisms coming out of Eagle Ridge fixed. Car comes out of Eagle Ridge to make a right hand turn and the light for all those on Santa Teresa turns red. It’s a waste of gas and time and it’s nonsense. The Gilroy Police now have a traffic officer (that’s a good thing) funded with grant money. Perhaps besides giving tickets that officer can point out traffic issues that need to be corrected.

Needs correction, too … pretty sure the westward entrance to the ranch side of Christmas Hill Park wasn’t meant to be a driveway for dropping off students at Solorsano School. The park pavement isn’t meant to take the pounding that’s going on now. And some parents even see fit to go off-roading on the dirt to get the student closer to school. Don’t think the school district is paying to re-pave the parking lot and the traffic has gotten ridiculous.

Registrar of Ridiculousness … perhaps that’s the re-name for the County Registrar of Voters Office. Ran into Gilroy School District Trustee Francisco Dominguez at coffee Thursday morning and chatted about Election Night. I sent the news crew home at 1 a.m., he stayed up until 3 a.m. – and still the results weren’t “final.” OK, a huge percentage of people send their ballots in early by mail, so that’s less votes coming in on Election Night, the technology is far superior and yet the results are way later than they were 15 years ago. What’s wrong with this picture? Sure, mail ballots have to be verified, but those ballots are sent in sporadically and early. Thursday, we finally hear from the Registrar’s office that 3,200 Gilroy ballots are outstanding … geez, think the Gilroy Rotary Club Program chair should invite SC County Registrar of Voters Jesse Durazo to come and speak. And our newly elected District 1 supervisor, Mike Wasserman, should be invited, too. Somehow, in the heart of Silicon Valley, we should be able to get the vote counted both quickly and accurately.

Accuracy is a good thing, too, when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars, so it’s welcome news indeed to hear that our library commissioners, Tom Engbretson and Phyllis Armenta among them, are asking questions about the $1,929,485 that’s in the new library budget for “management costs.” Not sure what that nearly $2 million is for or what it means, but it’s most certainly a worthwhile endeavor to find out exactly. That’s a whole lot of books, or computers or literacy program materials …

Good material is the story about when Steve Perez, son of Dave, showed up at a Sportsman Chef’s dinner back a few years with orange hair fully decked out in a Giants jersey. Everyone thought Daddy Dave was going to get hit with a hefty fine, but the always-thinking Gilroy Golf Course pro Donny DeLorenzo thought of a way to quickly make a few bucks for the club and fined everyone at the dinner who didn’t have orange hair $1 instead. Ca-ching …

DeLo came up “money”, too, last week stepping up and giving Gavilan College a reprieve by agreeing to take over the Gav Golf Course for nine months. The current leasees decided to throw in the towel and prospects were bleak. Great driving range at Gavilan and the best place to teach a kid how to play golf, so, hopefully, it works out and the course stays open instead of turning into a cow pasture …

“Moo,” called the colorful ceramic cow at Dave People’s Nimble Thimble shop during the Downtown Wine Stroll Saturday. The Wine Stroll, which is a brilliant event, started at 2 p.m. That turned out to be a not-so-good time given the World Champion San Francisco Giants game which started at 3:57 p.m. But people still came out, most just didn’t stay. Wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to move the stroll to a time slot between Thanksgiving and Christmas when people are also in gift-shopping mode? Stores could stay open until

8 p.m., the high school choir carolers could sing, Santa could roam the streets and the atmosphere would be more of a holiday stroll. There are nice, thoughtful gifts to be found in downtown, the area just needs more traffic.

More traffic is what exhibits like the “Faces of Downtown” will generate. The photo exhibit in the back at Charlie Clark’s Leedo Gallery between Fifth and Sixth streets is an “everyday people” documentary that honestly captures personalities. It’s both enjoyable to view, technically well done and spirited in that it freezes a point in time in a very human, poignant way. Go take a look.

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