Community Pulse: A high-speed rail stop in Gilroy?

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If you could vote on it, would you vote for or against a
high-speed rail stop in Gilroy?

If you could vote on it, would you vote for or against a high-speed rail stop in Gilroy?





■ For a train stop. Almost all advanced industrialized countries have high speed trains as alternatives to other modes of transportation. This would be an investment in California’s future.

■ If it’s got to be routed through Gilroy the least it can do is stop!

■ No, because there are so many unanswered issues that need to be addressed … more information must be offered, more public discourse necessary, and more openness to looking at other options than invading cities and current rail lines.

■ I favor a stop in Gilroy, but the infrastructure to service the station would have to be paid by High Speed Rail funds. I would not favor a downtown station because Gilroy would hardly be a destination/stay over location on a regular basis, only a transition location. Not a boon for business.

■ The High Speed Rail is currently not involving Gilroy in the decisions. No.

■ Ready for this? I would vote against HSR! However if we are stuck with it – I would vote for a stop in Gilroy – as long as we don’t have to pay for a 6,000 parking space garage!

■ For it … with the caveat that it be located east of U.S. 101 and the infrastructure costs NOT be borne by Gilroy. A downtown station is not feasible and creates too many impacts. An east side station would bring economic growth and sustainability to Gilroy!

■ AGAINST. Actually, the question should be “Do you want a high-speed train in California?” No, because it will create more red ink for the state.


■ Soft Yes. Going from Gilroy to Los Angeles in one hour sounds appealing. I do need more information though before an actual vote.

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