BOXING: The Ghost earns unanimous decision over Escobedo

Robert "the Ghost" Guerrero in a recent training session. Photo


the Ghost

Guerrero received a 100-88, 98-90 and 96-92 victory over Vicente
Escobedo on Saturday night.
Robert “the Ghost” Guerrero defeated Vicente Escobedo by unanimous decision (100-88, 98-90, 96-92) in a 10-round lightweight bout from the Prudential Center in New Jersey on Saturday night.

Guerrero sent Escobedo (22-3) to the canvas in the third and sixth rounds en route to the overwhelming victory.

With his win, Guerrero earned the WBO Intercontinental title, but more important, is now in line for a mandatory unified WBO world title fight with the winner of the Juan manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis on Nov. 27.

Sports Editor Josh Weaver caught up with the Ghost on Monday to discuss the fight and what lies ahead.

Excerpts from the conversation follows:

J: You said after Saturday’s fight that you may have broken your hand. How are you feeling today?

R: I’m getting it checked out. I don’t know. I’m hoping it’s just sprained. But if it is fractured, we’ll find out. But right now, I’m trying to get the swelling down so I can get an MRI.

J: Obviously this was an important victory for you. How big was it really?

R: Up until this point, I could say that that was the biggest fight of my career. It put me in the driver’s seat now to be the mandatory to fight for the championship of the world. Before, I was getting myself to this position where I could get the fight and it was up to the champion if he wanted to fight me. Now he has to fight me. There is no way out of it. I’m the guy that’s next in line to fight Juan Manuel Marquez and Michael Katsidis.

J: You knocked (Escobedo) down twice. What kind of openings did you see and how did you capitalize on them?

R: You know, working my jab, putting my combinations together and staying busy. That’s what the game plan was. Get out there, work my jab, pressure him but smart with the distance and land the shots. There was a couple times he opened up, I caught him with a great uppercut, a great hook and he went down.

J: As far as performance goes, do you think this was your best fight?

R: I’ve had a lot of great fights, but I’d put it up there in the top five because I went there and did some damage and put on a good performance. Escobedo was in very great shape. He put a lot of time and work into it and he came in prepared.

J: What type of message do you think this sends?

R: It sends a huge message out there. There was a lot of blood, a lot of great shots I threw. I put him down twice. I went out there an put everything together. Showed the world that I carried my power up to the 135-pound wait class and that I’m a force to be reckoned with, that I’m coming and I’m strong.

J: Do you care who wins the Marquez-Katsidis fight?

R: I’m kind of leaning toward Marquez. You know, he is pound-for-pound one of the top 10 best fighters in the world. He’s fought Manny Pacquiao twice and had controversial losses where they could’ve gone his way. He’s fought the best. He has that huge resume and huge following. He’s the guy you want to get in there and showcase with. I think Marquez is going to out-box Katsidis.

J: Are you going to that fight?

R: Yeah, I’ll be attending that fight for sure.

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