Community Pulse: Mail-in-ballot elections only?

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Would you favor Gilroy elections being mail-in-ballot elections

Would you favor Gilroy elections being mail-in-ballot elections only?





■ Sure! The only downside is that poll workers will become unemployed, but what a savings to the city and county.

■ YES. It would save money by not having to pay local poll workers as well as giving the Post Office more business.

■ No. It would effectively reduce the number of voters. We need as many voters as possible to overcome the vocal minority and special interest groups.

■ No. We still take my daughter wth us to vote. She is in high school now and we have taken her since she was about 5 or 6. It is important for kids to see us actually voting at a poll.

■ Yes. This saves time, resources, money and may guarantee more voter participation because it is so easy.

■ No! Absolutely not! Our freedom to choose includes the freedom to vote at the polls.

■ No. It would be difficult for those that are set in their traditional ways! However we could have less polling places!

■ As long as the postage was prepaid.

■ Yes, I think the trend might be moving in that direction. Bad part is that the participation may go down. Some just have to go to a polling place, and if individuals don’t get their ballot in the mail in time they would have to go to the poll anyway. I think the option needs to continue to be offered and when we reach a majority using the mail, then the need for the polling places goes away.

■ Yes. As a permanent absentee ballot voter for years, I find that vote-by-mail is easier, less stress and no waiting in lines.

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