Ode to the Orange and Black, a tribute to the magical 2010 San Francisco Giants

Ode to the Orange and Black and serious concerns about America
fast becoming a ‘corporateacracy’
Ode to the Orange and Black for her 92-year-old mother and sister

Dear Editor,

I composed this for my 92-year-old mother and her twin sister who are longtime Giants fans! 

Ode to the Orange and Black

They gave us many moments of anguish

They were responsible for times of cheer,

They were the proverbial “boys of summer”

Who became a “Panda”, a “Freak”, and “men to fear”!

The noteworthy Giants of 2010! 

They sometimes gave up early leads,

They battled pitching and batting slumps,

They “tortured” us with one-run games

And often left us in the dumps!

The unpredictable Giants of 2010! 

They entertained us on “Orange Fridays”

That’s when, on the diamond, the “stars” aligned

A most unlikely, but talented, cast of characters

With pitchers and catcher, Posey, by design

The amazing Giants of 2010! 

They were the farm club youngsters,

And “cast-offs” from other teams,

Who joined with several longtime vets,

Each to fulfill a lifetime dream

The determined Giants of 2010! 

But when post-season games arrived,

And San Francisco was “in the hunt”

They played the field quite masterfully

And got homers, doubles, singles and bunts.

The unwavering Giants of 2010! 

With the master strategies of “skipper” Bochy,

The pitching of Bumgarner, Lincecum, Cain and more

With amazing catches and tremendous throws

By Uribe, Ross, Renteria, Sanchez, Huff, and Torres.

The talented Giants of 2010!

So, each and every player became a hero,

And each “orange-and-black” fan a true believer,

Fifty years of bitter disappointments faded,

As the Padres, Braves, and Phillies became a blurr!

The awesome Giants of 2010! 

And with the National League Pennant in hand,

In November, against the Rangers,

in the lone-star state

The Giants gave the faithful their long overdue reward,

And proved that this season, this team was blessed by fate!

The magical Giants of 2010!

Suzann Muccigrosso, Gilroy

Our nation’s march toward a new ‘corporateacracy’ has to be halted

Dear Editor,

It is scary to realize our government is increasingly becoming more of a corporateacracy – a corporate society in which large-scale corporations, with powerful vested interests, are involved in the economic, social and political decision-making process.

This idea is being proposed, because major corporations are playing a major role in our high unemployment rates. For those who are unaware, many big corporations are moving out of the U.S., taking their jobs with them, and this is exactly why we are experiencing high unemployment rates.

Without being penalized by the government, many of these corporations are taking advantage of this situation, due to the fact that they can pay sweatshop workers at maquidoras around the world less than $1 an hour.

According to the Michael Snyder, in the article “The Middle Class in America is Radically Shrinking and Here are the Stats to Prove it,” he states that “the reality is no matter how smart, how strong or how hard working Americans are, they just can’t compete with people who are desperate to put in 10 to 12 hours a day at less than a dollar an hour on the other side of the world.”

In the meantime, these corporate owners are becoming wealthier by the minute while we sit hopeless and helpless trying to support our families. 

Sovi Nou, Gilroy

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