Community Pulse: Shutting down marijuana dispensary

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The city has spent $175,000 so far to close down the medical
marijuana dispensary
– good decision or bad decision?

The city has spent $175,000 so far to close down the medical marijuana dispensary – good decision or bad decision?





■ Good decision. Laws need to be enforced, or change them. It is this part of “doing business” that citizens need to take a collective price gulp, go after the violators and set a precedence discouraging other potential perpetrators.

■ Bad. Too little results for this kind of expenditure.

■ GOOD. But unfortunate, but it’s to keep more of these shops out of Gilroy.

■ I realize it was a violation, but look at the money wasted on closing it down. I don’t think having a medical marijuana dispensary in town was a bad idea. I am sure if the people making the decisions for us at City Hall had needed their services it would be a whole different story.

■ Good decision. When something is illegal, it is illegal! It is the responsibility of the city to enforce the law. Irritates me that some individuals/entities believe they are above the law, and unfortunately use the system to try and get around it.

■ Bad, but since they started this fight they need to fund and finish it.

■ Good decision. While it is a painful pill to swallow, the City needs to apply business licensing requirements uniformly. It’s unfortunate that MediLeaf decided to open their business without the proper licensing and continues to force us to waste precious resources.

■ The moral question is whether to take the cheap road or to stand firm in the city’s principles. Though it’s a rather minor violation, it is a violation. What happens to code enforcement if this basic requirement can be ignored? I think, especially now, the city has to follow through until the issue is resolved. It’s a bitter economic pill, but I think it’s money we must spend.

■ Bad. That’s a lot of money. If there are people who need medical assistance from marijuana, didn’t we vote to allow them to get it? Are they supposed to support criminals to obtain it?

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