WEAVER: Streaking is stupid and Tiger’s on Twitter

Josh Weaver

With my trusty soap box polished and ready to go, here are a few
of the topics I’ve been mulling over this week.
With my trusty soap box polished and ready to go, here are a few of the topics I’ve been mulling over this week.

Nobody wants to see that

NOT COOL: There is nothing more pathetic than the three up-to-no-goods running across the field full monty during the Severance Bowl on Friday night.

It was bad enough a single streaker invaded the field on Gilroy High’s homecoming night and got away. But three? Where’s the security? These dudes sauntered, a light jog, 150 yards and hopped two fences.

It’s a sad and sorry situation when three numbskulls get their thrills by exposing themselves to a crowd filled with families, grandmothers and children sitting in the front row and on the sidelines. Creepy. Frankly, it’s disturbing and nothing to be proud of, which of course is why they wear masks and haven’t come forward to receive their proper due. Cowardly.

The reaction from most seemed surprisingly indifferent and that I don’t understand. If I had a young daughter in attendance, I would be furious with the ease of escape and lack of punishment.

Streaking was commonplace 40 or 50 years ago during the “All You Need is Love” 1960’s and 70s. But haven’t we evolved since then? Or is it OK to subject children to this deliberate display of indecency? It’s a tasteless tradition that should be left in the past, or at least kept away from our community events.

Show some class, not some @–.

The only time I find streaking funny is when the perpetrator is tazed, cuffed and dragged off the field in a humiliating manner. Now that is hilarious.

It’s a lame way to cry out for attention and a disgusting form of entertainment at a prep event. And it’s a crime. Indecent exposure and child endangerment are just two of the charges these fellas face when caught.

A reason to celebrate

COOL: Though one more game stands between the Gilroy varsity field hockey team and its ultimate goal of bringing home a Central Coast Section championship for the first time in 25 years, the thrill of Tuesday’s CCS semifinals victory over Archbishop Mitty is a memory in itself.

The game – incredible. Both teams highly skilled and disciplined within their craft.

The anguish of past playoff shortcomings, especially the two seasons prior to 2010, disappeared as the swarm of smiling faces congratulating one another carried over to the postgame pep talk where the laughter ceased to fade.

It’s the first finals appearance for GHS field hockey since 1985 and the first under head coach Adam Gemar, who has led the Mustangs into the playoffs eight consecutive seasons – four quarterfinals appearances, four semifinals and now one final.

Saturday’s finals against rival Los Gatos is a juggernaut of a matchup. There is no love lost between the Mustangs and Wildcats. Don’t miss it.

Unsportsman-like conduct

NOT COOL: Throw the yellow flag and assess a 15-yard penalty to the drunk Cleveland Browns fan that allegedly tackled an 8-year-old boy wearing a visiting New York Jets jersey. The boy’s mother told a Cleveland television station that the incident occurred in the parking lot following Sunday’s 26-20 Jets’ victory.

Poor kid.

Obviously the wannabe linebacker had no clue what he was doing. And if I had to venture a guess, I bet the sloshed spectator stumbled into the innocent family as they headed to their car. An untimely belly flop.

Eldrick “Twitter” Woods

COOL: Tiger Woods is on Twitter. That’s fantastic. Yahoo Sports and ESPN both wrote stories on Woods’ first tweet Wednesday, which was a captivating, “What’s up everyone. Finally decided to try out twitter!” Of course I am following him.

Speaking of Twitter, follow me @theWeaveGilroy. Follow Christopher and Gilroy high school sports with in-game updates. Start some dialogue, let’s talk sports at any level. Can’t stand the Lakers? Fantasy football enthusiast? I’m right there with you. Tweeeet.

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