MARTIAL ARTS: Pulido, Tae Kwon Do team collect trophies galore

Always hungry for a new challenge, 13-time world champion martial artist Linda Pulido decided to take on competitors nearly twice her junior at an Eskrima tournament in Pasadena two weeks ago.

Pulido, 42, dropped down to age classes to engage with 18- to 29-year-olds in both single stick and double stick, two disciplines Pulido has already conquered on the world stage – winning a world championship in both back in July. Pulido is a three-time world champion in single stick.

“I felt really strong in double stick this time,” she said.

In each event, three, two-minute rounds are used to determine a winner.

“Single stick is harder for me because I like having the power of a stick in both of my hands, but it’s really good training for blocking and moving,” Pulido added.

The Gilroy resident and owner of Pulido’s Pro Fitness lost 15 pounds for the competition.

“I felt a big difference in my performance,” she said.

Also joining Pulido in Pasadena were brother Manny Pulido and student Tyler Galloway.

Fighting in his first bout with a short four weeks of training under his belt, Galloway, 12, quickly got over the initial shock of the intensity of the competition and settled in to claim a silver medal.

Manny Pulido also took home a silver medal.

The following weekend, Pulido escorted a group of 24 Tae Kwon Do students to the fifth annual Fault Line Warrior Classic, a high kicking, power punching competition in Hollister.

Results: Discipline (place)

Justin Garza: Forms (1), sparring (1)

Darrien Yafai: Forms (1), sparring (3)

Sergio Rodriguez: Forms (2), sparring (3)

Estevan Rodriguez: Forms (1), sparring (3)

Haleigh Nino: Forms (1), sparring (2)

Tori Echelberry: Sparring (3)

Taylor Echelberry: Forms (1), sparring (1)

Alexia Diaz: Forms (1), sparring (1)

Leonardo Panuco: Sparring (2)

Pouya Moosaui: Sparring (1)

Katelynn Tran: Sparring (1)

Jordan Pannucci: Sparring (1)

Josue Sanzon: Sparring (2)

Jake Morales: Sparring (1)

Isaiah Martinez: Forms (1)

Michael Landes: Sparring (1)

Justin Fajardo: Forms (1)

Eric Fajardo: Sparring (1)

Branna Tankersly: Sparring (1)

Ashley Bonisio: Sparring (2)

Clifton Chiang: Forms (1)

Kaylee Chiang: Forms (2)

Anthony Lawis: Sparring (1)

Allison Rodriguez: Sparring (2)

Samatha Rodriguez: Sparring (1)

Adrian Panuco: Kickboxing (1)

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