Red Phone: Pot hole needs fixing

“The sidewalk at Gilroy high has a huge hole. The hole is so big cars scrape on it. Who is responsible to fix this? We have a lot of traffic coming and going so it would be nice to get it fixed.”

Red Phone: Dear Warry Roadster, It appears the school district is responsible for fixing the pot hole. The city notified the district that it was their responsibility to fix the damage, said David Stubchaer, the city operations director.
The city has a program called the 80/20 program, where the city covers 80 percent of the work along a property frontage, while the property owner covers 20 percent of it. He didn’t know if the school district would qualify this year, because all the allocated funds have been spent already.

Follow-up on road cleaning
“I have been doing the work of cleaning near Leavesley Road for two years and do it when I can. I am not a crew, just one individual who is also tired of seeing the litter. It is not easy keeping up with the lazy slobs and careless people who do not tie things down when traveling. It takes me on the average four hours to clean between 10th Street and Leavesley Road by myself. Occasionally when the weather is bad I need the help of Caltrans. If you would like to help, please feel free to volunteer like I did. I’d be happy to train you.”

Red Phone: Dear Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Sounds like an interesting idea. We’re glad to hear about your commitment to keeping the area clean. Each person in the community should take pride in where he or she lives. While you may not have four hours to spend picking up trash, everyone has a couple minutes they can spend to pick up litter near by.
Small steps like not throwing trash out the windows and recycling can make a big difference in keeping the city looking good.
If anyone is interested in getting trained in the fine art of litter removal, let Red Phone know and we’ll put you in contact with the caller.