Letter: Gilroy parents responsible for kids who “trash” Christmas displays

I just want to give a big

thumbs up

on the superlative parenting job that some Gilroy residents have
Dear Editor,

I just want to give a big “thumbs up” on the superlative parenting job that some Gilroy residents have done. Your not-so-little “prides and joys” seem to find it fun to trespass onto your neighbors’ property and trash their Christmas displays. The Gilroy police officer I spoke to last night told me he had already received 10 calls of such idiocy and it wasn’t even 9 a.m.

I can see that a lot of you have no idea what your kids are doing while you are blissfully ignorant (emphasis on ignorant). Maybe it’s too much Red Bull, Starbucks and possibly lack of ADD/ADHD medication and WAY too much free time (funny, I don’t see many of your kids working; I guess that’s a concept alien to them, and they get all their spending money from YOU). But I can say with certainty that you didn’t teach your progeny the idea of “boundaries” and respecting other people’s property, and you figure that their sophomoric activities are harmless. No, they aren’t, and your whelps figure that they are untouchable, being kids, and that nothing will happen to them that they can’t brag about later.

I believe you haven’t taught them that there are consequences and people in this town who have far shorter fuses than I do who just want to be left alone, but won’t hesitate to teach YOUR kids a hard lesson about boundaries and consequences.

Sal Murillo, Gilroy

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