Red Phone: What to do about trash cans

“I just wanted to know the number to call if someone leaves their garbage cans out front of their home for days. Thank you.”

Red Phone: Dear Trashed, Garbage bins and cans may be left out the night before and must be picked up the next morning, according to the Municipal Code 12.19.
It is illegal for people to dump their garbage on another property or to let trash build up on their property. When full, the containers can’t weigh more than 50 pounds. They must be placed in the alley behind the home or on the front curb for collection and picked up afterward. They can’t be placed within the limits of any street in the city or anywhere so as to constitute a nuisance, according to the code.
If you are on speaking terms with your neighbors, you may want to mention to them in a non-confrontational manner that the cans are still out and ask them to pick them up. If the problem persists, you can call the city’s code enforcement office at 846-0264.

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