Community Pulse: Which Morgan Hill Restaurant should open in downtown Gilroy?

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Which Morgan Hill Restaurant would you like to see open in downtown Gilroy?

■ Ragoots! Have always had great service and the atmosphere and food is wonderful.

■ Rosy’s on this list. Write in: Vietasia (YUM!!) They’re all terrific.

■ Sicilia in Bocco. Wonderful menu, reasonable price. n Maurizio’s. Quaint, good food, reasonably priced.

■ Rosy’s At The Beach n Rosy’s … How about Sonoma Chicken Coop or Five Guys Burgers?n Ragoots! They are a perfect fit for Gilroy!

■ Rosy’s at the Beach – Gilroy needs a good seafood restaurant. n No question about it. Definitely Trail Dust BBQ or Maurizio’s Grigliataque or Sinaloa Barbacoa or Rosy’s at the BBQ or Sicilia in Carneque or Manga La Manzoque or Ragootsbeque … Any-Q-will-do!

■ Maurizio’s!!!! No doubt.

■ Maurizio’s. Always consistent, friendly, accommodating and often innovative.

■ We rarely eat in downtown Morgan Hill, but my girlfriend loves Trail Dust BBQ and Rosy’s at the Beach. Gilroy could use some other choices besides Mexican food and pizza.

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