No-F rule for the playbook

CHEERS for the two principals at our high schools.
CHEERS for the two principals at our high schools. Marco Sanchez, at Gilroy High, and John Perales, at Christopher High, who are advancing a more stringent grade policy which would, barring all but the most extenuating circumstances, forbid any student who receives an F from participating in extracurricular activities for the following grading period. It’s important to set the bar and stay focused on what Trustee Rhoda Bress aptly called the “primary focus” – and that’s academics.

JEERS for a very disheartening and disappointing City Council “retreat” agenda. An opportunity for meaningful change in the process has slipped by again. Instead of heart-of-the-matter core strategic topics, the agenda is loaded with to-do list items. While the economy sputters and there is opportunity to consider Gilroy’s future direction and goals, plodding leadership continues.

CHEERS for the Gilroy High wrestling program which shines brightly during its annual Mid-Cal Tournament. Five Mustang wrestlers in the finals at GHS last weekend, won first-place medals, including frosh phenom Paul Fox, who beat a two-time Nevada state wrestling champion to get to the finals and then vanquished the No. 1 ranked wrestler in the state and his longtime nemesis to win the crown. Gilroy’s wrestling program is consistently the top athletic program at the school. There’s got to be a way to get a new wrestling mat for such a deserved program.

JEERS for the Santa Clara Valley Water District which is looking – as usual – for ways to justify rate increases again. In the midst of a troubled economy, the water district focuses on more ways to get into your wallet.

CHEERS for the stretch of warm and sunny days. When Gilroy’s six degrees warmer than Las Vegas in January, that’s a good thing.

CHEERS for the Gilroy Police Department which arrested seven gang members in a concerted effort after a home invasion-style robbery at a local motel. That’s a good number of thugs to take off the streets in, essentially, one fell swoop and it sends exactly the kind of message that’s important in the fight against crime. Thank you, officers, and keep up the good work.

JEERS for the city’s hemming and hee-hawing over a requested street light change downtown. Make the necessary adjustments and put in the brighter, whiter lights for the customers and the business owners.

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