DeLo’s Divots: Control just as important as power


Many times, our ego gets the better of us when we are
Many times, our ego gets the better of us when we are competing. This is true in any sport. The hitter in baseball tries to hit a home run when a single will do. The quarterback throws a desperation pass in the end zone when he knows there is a good chance it will be intercepted. Ill advised acts in sports happen.

We usually have our wits about us a little more in golf, but that still doesn’t stop us from making bad decisions. Power versus control is usually the decision that creates the most errors in your golf score.

We step up to the tee on a par 4 or 5 and automatically take out the driver. Most of the time, it is the correct decision. However, if you want to shave strokes off your score, look at the design of the hole to ensure that it is in fact the right decision. Will your driver reach the fairway bunkers or lake that is out there? Is it a very narrow fairway that will be difficult to hit because my driver is wild? Will my driver land me so close to the green that I will have a “half” shot to the hole which I have and always flub up?

These are all reasons to scale back and hit a 3-wood, hybrid or long iron off the tee. Remember, in many ways the game is like chess, so set yourself up for your next shot. Length is not better when you need accuracy.

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