Red Phone: Safety needed by CHS

“Driving north on Santa Teresa Boulevard just before Sunrise Avenue, some white lines were painted on the right lane for traffic to merge. I continue to see cars traveling on the lines as if the street was a two lane. So what’s up with that, and why aren’t the police patrolling early in the morning to catch these idiots and also for the safety of our students whom walk to and from CHS.”

Red Phone:
Dear Safety Needed, This is indeed an area people need to use extra caution in with the extra traffic.
“The Gilroy Police Department’s traffic unit conducts traffic enforcement throughout the entire City of Gilroy, including the area of Santa Teresa and Sunrise,” said Gilroy Police Officer Amanda Stanford. “However, specified area of traffic concerns are usually addressed once a complaint has been taken. At this time, there has been no known traffic complaint in the area. The Gilroy Police Department Traffic Unit has been informed now that this traffic hazard exists and plans on addressing this concern.”
It is illegal to cross over the painted island on the road where the two lanes merge, Stanford said.
And motorists crossing over are in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 21651 (a) (1) and would be cited for an infraction, she added.

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