Red Phone: Adding a commercial area north of city?

“With all the growth in northwest Gilroy, is there any plan for any retail such as a convenience store? It would be nice to be able to pick up milk, newspapers, etc. without a drive of three miles or so. It seems that the northwest corner at Santa Teresa and Sunset streets would be a good place. It is also close to Christopher High School.”

Red Phone: Dear Northern Shopper, That corner would indeed be a good place if an investor wanted to add a commercial center.  However, this area is currently zoned as single family residential (R1) and cannot be used for commercial purposes, said Melissa Durkin, Gilroy planning director.
“I have not heard anyone express an interest in developing a store in that area,” she said. “However, if anyone did want to do that, they would need to process a General Plan Amendment and a zone change to change the property to a land use designation that allows commercial development.”

Pothole fixed quickly
“There is a giant pothole at the intersection of Buena Vista Avenue and Monterey Road that has been there for several years. This pothole is getting larger and deeper as the years pass. I estimate this pothole to be about 3 feet by 2 feet and a good 3 to 4 inches deep. Anyone making a right-hand turn onto Monterey hits it. When is this going to be fixed?”

Red Phone: Dear Pounded By Pothole, Red Phone forwarded your request last week on to Masoud Azbarzadeh, Santa Clara County traffic engineer. A few days later, we were surprised to receive a note back from the caller saying that it had been fixed and thanking the crews for the speedy response.
The South County maintenance yard crew took a look at the area and passed on the request to the City of Gilroy, who made the repairs, Azbarzadeh said.