Red Phone: Intersection needs help

“Is there anything the city can do, or is there someone we can contact regarding the dangerous turning situation drivers face when coming out of the Kohl’s/Target shopping center? There are three left-hand turning lanes turning onto 10th Street off of Camino Arroyo. The lanes aren’t marked well, and a car in one lane or another is always confused as to which lane is theirs when completing their turn. They drift over into the wrong lane, causing many many near collisions. I drive a big truck and am not hard to see. I try to stay in the far outside lane, but still I have been pushed over many times by a confused neighboring motorist. I’ve seen many drivers in the inside lane cut off the drivers in the the middle lane. It’s not intentional. It’s just a big intersection with three turning lanes. It’s not marked well or lined up and set up well, so it does get confusing. It is scary and something must be done soon. I bet if we did a poll this has happened to just about everyone in town making that turn and on more than one occasion.”

Red Phone:
Dear Restriping Needed, You are not alone in your desire to see this intersection improved. You will often see drivers hesitant about which lane to turn into. But while this area is inside the city limits, the intersection itself is actually managed by the state.
Red Phone forwarded on your concern to Bernard Walik, the public information for District 4, which includes the area between Sonoma and Santa Clara counties. After crews surveyed the area, they found that the intersection could indeed use restriping to make it easier for drivers to make the turn. Walik said crews have been swamped with work in the county after the recent storms but said they should be able to complete the restriping in Gilroy by the end of April, weather permitting. 
Good caller, hopefully these improvements will help make this intersection safer. We’ll let you know the status of the updates in this area.

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