Community Pulse: What should the school district cut?

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If you were in charge of cutting the school district budget,
what would you cut first?

If you were in charge of cutting the school district budget, what would you cut first?

? Administration, they remain very top heavy. There should be cuts at administration level. No more automobiles. They can claim mileage for their personal cars. Pay cuts are needed at that level. All other employees have had to take hard hits. There have already been too many cuts in the other four areas.

? Athletics and the scope of the offerings need some honest discussion. Is there really a need for both high schools to have almost every sport imaginable? And, does it make sense to have sports at CHS without the facilities finished? Ridiculous. Cutting personnel may seem logical, but really? How many desks can fit into a classroom?

? Administration and transportation.

? Administration.

? BUS TRANSPORTATION. Parents must work together for more effective ways (like car pools) to get their kids to school.

? I would start with administration, music and arts, athletics, bus transportation and then teachers.

? Bus transportation. Families can and will find a way to get their kids to school. Private schools and some public schools charge for transportation and I think we should, too. Next, district office administration – has always seemed top heavy. All

bennies, like cars and cell phones must be cut. I think the school sites have already cut their administration to the bone. n Administration, then bus transportation. Such a difficult decision and effects so many people. 

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