A full-of-life tribute to one of Gilroy’s best friends forever

From left, recreation staff Greg Garcia, Gayle Glines, Rachel

What an absolutely wonderful celebration of life tribute
Saturday at Gavilan College to Gayle Glines and her family.
What an absolutely wonderful celebration of life tribute Saturday at Gavilan College to Gayle Glines and her family. Her husband, Walt, has been my colleague since I came to Gilroy a quarter century ago and his wife’s sudden passing sent a jolt of perspective to everyone here. The tribute turned that jolt into contemplation in the packed college student center as upwards of 700 people listened to heartfelt stories of Gayle’s free-flowing giggles, allegiance to those who played baseball with her son Ben, frequent trips to King Egg Roll, motherly ability to bring people together both within the confines of City Hall and outside in the community, meticulous organizational skills and Wizard-of-Oz like power to have so many people believe that they were “her best friend.” She was Gilroy’s best friend, and I hope there’s an effort to establish a college scholarship fund for a Gilroy High student who’s a baseball player or a recreation major.

Major BBQ season will be in full swing with the arrival of near-80 degree temperatures this weekend, so how about a serving of food and charity items:

– Not sure why it’s the case, but Super Taqueria in Gilroy is mucho better than Super Taqueria in Morgan Hill …

– Year after year, it’s the best … mark the calendar and hold on to a $20 bill for the St. Mary School Men’s Club Spaghetti All-ready dinner extravaganza on Friday, May 6. $8 for an adult ticket. Salad, garlic bread, drinks and dessert take a back seat to the sauce recipe that takes all day to simmer slowly in huge pots. Take out begins at 4:30, sit down from 5 to 8 p.m.

– Next evening it’s the 31st Annual Gilroy High School Crab Cioppino Feed and Dance, May 7 at Christopher Ranch. All the delicious soaked-in-wonderful-tomato-sauce crab you can devour, plus bread and wine. Dinner 5:30 to 8 p.m. Dancing afterward – $50 a person and you can buy tickets online at the GHS website. Dip the bread and bring a bib.

A bib or a bob or a quid for bringing a new bakery downtown … When I read about a 7.4% jump year-over-year in Gilroy sales tax receipts or the $21 million-plus in the city reserve fund, it prompts ideas about what the city could and should do with the “extra” money that would generate more “extra” money and actually serve the residents well. How about a business incubation fund administered through the Economic Development Corporation. Identify businesses that the city wants and needs, start with downtown, and pump a good sum into a fund that dishes out up-front capital and low-interest loans. If a bakery, a deli and four more restaurants popped up downtown in the next year, that would not only create jobs and generate tax revenue, it would be a Great Thing for Gilroy. Corner a Councilmember in the grocery store and talk their ear off about it.

All the talking isn’t over, but school trustees are entering a brave new world of systemic cuts. Given the ballooning state budget deficit and the slow-recovering economy, the revenue stream is unlikely to change significantly. Even if a local parcel tax did pass, there would be a significant gap between election time and revenues. Time for “we’re in it together” thinking. Would teachers forego step-and-column increases for two years if all administrators took a 10% pay cut? Are there secondary athletic programs that should be turned into intramural programs? Could the city of Gilroy recreation department take over intramural programs at the middle and high schools? (Yes, the city would have to increase the rec department’s budget.) It’s time to stop the lament, quit hoping for new money, and hammer out the best solution for our students. And, like it or not, the overwhelming perception in the community is that the district is top heavy. Reality? Perhaps a guest column from a Trustee would answer that.

Reminded that Jumbo Joe had thee answer in Game 6 when I spotted the way-cool Coors Light delivery truck in Gilroy all painted in Sharks signature teal and stamped with the logo and “Proud Sponsor of the San Jose Sharks.” Cool truck, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the gleeful backslide toward center ice Joe Thornton took after scoring the OT game winner Monday night. Bring on the Detroit Dead Wings … should be a classic series.

Classic giveaway Saturday, May 7. It’s Free Comic Book Day at the Gilroy Library. One per person, all ages, all day at 7652 Monterey St. downtown.

Don’t forget about Gracie Garcia at Gilroy Antiques downtown if you’re looking for a sparkly piece for that special Mom. If Gracie’s carefully constructed jewelry case can entice Barb Streisand …

Speaking of singers, James Durbin, the rocker with creativity, deep vocal roots and past struggles which keep him grounded is the man to beat on the American Idol stage this year. Loved his rendition of Carole King’s classic “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” Hard to believe she wrote that hit in 1961 at age 18. It became her first No. 1 record which was recorded by the Shirelles. Later, she sang it herself on Tapestry, the 1971 album that has stood the test of time. It’s one of those that you can go back, give it a listen and comfortably fall back in time and in love with the music all over again.

Musica and a dinner under the stars Wednesday at Gilroy Gardens to support our city’s Gilroy is Great Memorial Day Parade. It’s early – 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. – Wednesday and features the fantastically enjoyable slice of Americana Watsonville Community Band. Hot dogs, hamburgers and bring the kids. Cost: $20. Children ages 4 to 10: $10. Younger than 3 free. Tickets at the Chamber of Commerce.

Ah, summer is just around the corner – you can tell, the sprinklers are back on at our hometown Gilroy Golf Course.

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