Letters: Inspiring music and a perfect night for pre-parade event

Wednesday night the Gilroy Community Organization sponsored a
fund raiser at Gilroy Gardens.
Dear Editor,

Wednesday night the Gilroy Community Organization sponsored a fund raiser at Gilroy Gardens.

The Watsonville Community Band presented an inspiring evening of music which also featured a number of patriotic numbers. The evening was further enhanced by perfect weather. For those unable to attend, you missed the opportunity of seeing Mayor Al Pinheiro direct a rousing number.

Thank you to the many members of the community who came out to enjoy a dinner, time to visit with friends and a great musical performance. The evening was a fund raiser to support the Memorial Day Parade and Fun Day at Christmas Hill Park after the parade.

We want to thank the Dispatch for their news clips advertising the event and Gilroy Gardens for use of the beautiful facility and serving a fun meal.

Erwin Boggs, Gilroy

Dear Editor,

Wednesday evening was a BIG spring breath of fresh air, TASTY American food for the body, and an AMAZING Patriotic Concert for the soul. This music reminded me just how proud I am to be an American.

The Watsonville Community Band GAVE the residents of Gilroy a wonderful “Concert Under the Stars” at Gilroy Gardens to support fundraising efforts for the upcoming Gilroy Memorial Day Parade and Events. After almost losing this wonderful celebration a couple of years ago, a dedicated group of people got together, formed the 501c3 Gilroy Community Organization, and the rest is becoming history. We are preparing for our third annual parade, preceded by a Remembrance Service at the cemetery and followed by a Family Day at Christmas Hill Park and a Car Show.

Gilroy Gardens PROVIDED us with the perfect venue! Dinner was at the Events Center, the concert was at the amphitheater, and everyone was free to walk around and enjoy the beautiful grounds and the spectacular weather.

I found myself thinking during the concert that I wished so many more people could have experienced the amazing talent and spirit of the band members and the knowledgeable and humorous director, Eugene Smith. And the surprise of the evening was when our mayor, Al Pinheiro, was persuaded to conduct a piece. What a job he did! I’m still smiling. Don’t you love to share your best experiences with your family, friends and neighbors?

My wish for next year is that every seat is filled and that Gilroy gives this band the recognition that it receives everywhere else it performs – for instance, The White House. Thank you to all the participants. It was a night to remember.

Shirley Willard, director, Gilroy Community Organization

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