Red Phone: Is Whole Foods coming?

“Dear Red Phone, An employee of Whole Foods passed on a rumor that Whole Foods has chosen Gilroy for the location of its next big store slated to open within two years. Gilroy? Really? Say it isn’t so! My question – was Morgan Hill even considered as a location, especially since we have two excellent buildings available and ready for remodel, namely, the nearly-new former Circuit City and the older but very easily accessible former Mervyn’s? The addition of Whole Foods would generate tax revenue, help change the negative perception that many outsiders have of us, and might encourage other large retailers to consider Morgan Hill for their potential business location. It certainly would be nice! Thank you for getting to the bottom of this rumor.”

Red Phone: Dear Get to the Bottom, Red Phone did just that, and it appears – at least at this point – that Whole Foods is not coming to Gilroy or Morgan Hill.
According to Jennifer Marples, Whole Foods spokeswoman for the company’s Northern California region, there are no plans for a Whole Foods store in Gilroy.
“There’s nothing planned that I know of for Gilroy,” she said.
But Red Phone wanted a second source, so the city of Gilroy was contacted.
Senior Planner Stan Ketchum said he hadn’t hear anything about a Whole Foods store coming to Gilroy.
David Bischoff, director of planning and environmental services, said he hoped the city could get a Whole Foods, but wasn’t aware of any plans to bring one to Gilroy.
“I’ve asked around and nobody has heard anything,” he said.
As far as the grocery store coming to Morgan Hill, “(We) would love to have a Whole Foods, but we are not aware of any interest at this time,” said Garrett Toy, business assistance and housing services director. “However, it should be noted that Trader’s Joes was not interested for several years before they considered a Morgan Hill location. Since hope is not a strategy, developers of shopping centers in town as well as city staff periodically contact Whole Foods to make sure they keep Morgan Hill in mind for the future.”
There you have it, good caller. Keep your fingers crossed.

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