Red Phone: Thankful for proactive police

“I received a phone call at 2:30 the other morning. It is not often you thank someone for calling you then. But I will. I was told a police officer had noticed that my garage door was open and I might want to shut it to prevent a break-in. Whoever that officer is, I would like to thank them. That is what I call public service.”

Red Phone: Dear Early Morning Wake-up Call, We can imaging it is quite a shock to receive a call in the middle of the night, and probably not everyone is as appreciative as you are. But residents should be thankful police are willing to go out of their way during their busy schedules when they notice something that doesn’t appear to be quite right.
While on patrol, officers are trained to look for things that could potentially put people’s safety at risk and report them when possible, said GPD Officer Amanda Stanford.
“The Gilroy Police Department is committed to preventing crime before it occurs and frequently conducts patrol checks throughout the City of Gilroy,” she said. “Each officer is assigned a beat during their shift. While responding to calls is a key responsibility of the job, patrol checks within the neighborhoods throughout their shift are just as important. Although some residents may find it bothersome to be woken up in the late evening hours or early morning hours, GPD is dedicated to serving the community and preventing opportunity for criminals”

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