Senior Spotlight: Globelle DelaMerced and Ronald Short

Senior Spotlight: Globelle DelaMerced and Ronald Short

If you happen to find yourself someday in the hospital having
your spirits lifted by a serenading nurse, there’s a good chance it
could be Globelle DelaMerced, or


as friends call her.
NAME: Globelle DelaMerced

AGE: 18

GPA: 4.02

DREAM JOB: Singer on Broadway

FAVORITE SAYING: “Music is the language of angels”

If you happen to find yourself someday in the hospital having your spirits lifted by a serenading nurse, there’s a good chance it could be Globelle DelaMerced, or “Globie,” as friends call her.

“I would definitely do that,” said the versatile senior who plays piano, ukulele, guitar and kazoo.

It’s impossible to put this young lady in a box, as she wears a number of different hats: Science buff, volunteer, vocalist, musician, performer, family girl. Just don’t ask her to drive on the freeway.

“I don’t go on it. I refuse to. It’s so scary,” said the senior, who admitted she gets around by braving the back roads.

Never mind the commute she’ll be making next year between home and San Jose State University. DelaMerced will confront that dragon when the time comes.

Exposure to blood and traumatic injuries comes with the territory for this caretaker in waiting, who emerges from a long lineage of nurses. The Gilroy High School chamber choir alto excels in subjects such as anatomy and physiology and plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a nurse, but a longtime love of music will never fade out.

While her childhood dream was to be singer like Miley Cyrus, “my parents and I agreed it wasn’t a suitable career as a future,” she laughed.

After volunteering in the emergency room at St. Louise Regional Hospital her sophomore year without getting weak in the knees, it looks like she’s cut out for the intensity. “I didn’t cry, and I didn’t throw up or anything,” she said. “I kept my cool.”

NAME: Ronald Short

AGE: 17

GPA: 4.22

DREAM JOB: Civil engineer with

“unlimited creativity”

FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: Meeting his girlfriend of two years and playing in a reggae band during Gilroy High School’s last Day on the Green

The future is in the hands of our youth – and things looks promising when those hands belong to Ronald Short.

This down-to-earth super-student who enjoys composing reggae music and playing piano in his spare time is taking all AP classes. That way he’ll have a jump-start on condensing a five-year civil engineering degree into four when he attends San Jose State University in the fall. “My freshman year I got a B in P.E., and that made me mad,” said Short, recalling the worst grade he’s ever received.

It’s been nothing but aces since his junior year. As Short spoke of plans to minor in green building and translate his passion to a vocation both relevant and practical, it was inspiring to hear the goals of someone so driven to make his aspirations become reality.

“I would like to design the most sustainable, yet aesthetically pleasing buildings at the same time,” said Short. “Like instead of having a living roof, have a living wall down the side.”

He said he’s heard of attempts to liquefy solar technology to make paint-on solar panels. Short insists he doesn’t go overboard on homework and studying. While he sacrificed track this year to focus on school, responsibility is a balancing act with fun, “which really helps,” he said. Knowing tuition would be coming out of his own pocket, this modest go-getter got on the ball and applied “for like, 50 scholarships.” So far, he’s only been awarded two – but $40k and $20k aren’t a bad place to start. No doubt, Short has all the tools to take on the world. “I’ve never been big on dependency,” he said. “It will be good to have the chance to experiment, and see who I can be, and what I can accomplish.”

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