Red Phone: Annoyed by solicitors

“I have had this sign on my front door for a few years now. I’m amazed at the audacity of people that still knock or ring the bell. I don’t know if it’s the LDS or the Jehovah’s that come around the most.  What makes them or anyone else think that you’re going to open the door for strangers in this day and age. Is there something we can do to stop them”

Red Phone: Dear Here’s My Sign, Solicitors can indeed be a problem especially as more companies and organizations become desperate to try to sell their products or services. Solicitors are required to obtain a permit from the city beforehand, but that doesn’t stop some from going ahead anyway. While most solicitors are harmless, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious especially if  they are being aggressive or extremely rude.
“Community members are strongly encouraged, especially if they believe the solicitor is aggressive or suspicious, to call the police department,” said Gilroy Police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao. “The caller should be able to describe the solicitor, what kind of service / business they were soliciting, how the solicitor was being suspicious, how they were being aggressive and what direction the solicitor was last seen walking.”
It is important for neighbors to be vigilant regarding suspicious and illegal activity within their neighborhoods, he said.  One option residents have is to start or join a Neighborhood Watch program. Community Service Officer Maribel Gutierrez will work with interested citizens this summer to get programs started. If you are interested, call the police main line at 846-0350 and ask for her. If she is not in, leave a voicemail with your contact information.
You can also report suspicious activity by calling the same number as well.

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