Red Phone: Neighbor throws trash over fence

“We have property on Imperial Court, where we plant a garden. Our neighbor, whose house backs up to our property, throws their dog’s poop into our yard. They have a large dog. They have previously thrown over prunings from their apricot tree into our yard. What can we do about this situation in short of throwing it back in their yard? They are very difficult to communicate with.

Red Phone: Dear Pooped Out, While throwing the stuff back may seem like a good idea, it will only fan the flames and make what sounds like a bad relationship even worse. It sounds like you have already tried to approach your neighbor and have been unsuccessful. If you talked to them in a nonconfrontational manner and they are either openly hostile to you or don’t want to listen, then you have a couple options.
The first option is to call the police at 846-0350 and file a complaint. 
You may want to get a third party involved in trying to find a solution. Check out the Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Program in which third-party community members volunteer their time to help neighbors solve their disputes. For more information, call 792-2327, and let the Red Phone know how it goes.

Fireworks in Gilroy
“Will there be 4th of July fireworks at Gilroy High?”

Red Phone: Dear Fired Up, There will indeed be a community fireworks this year in Gilroy to celebrate Independence Day. The city has budgeted to hold fireworks displays this year and next year, confirmed City Clerk Shawna Freels.