Red Phone: No ID yet on body found

“Red Phone, a few weeks ago a body was found in Uvas Canyon County Park. Has the person been identified and has a cause of death been determined? Just a concerned resident wondering what’s happening with the case.”

Red Phone: Dear Concerned Resident, Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies and the medical examiner’s office are still investigating the human remains discovered at Uvas Canyon County Park, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Rick Sung.
No information on the identity, cause of death, gender or length of time the person has been deceased is yet available, Sung said. Such investigations often take several weeks, or even months to complete.
County park rangers found the human remains scattered around a dry ditch June 3 while performing routine trail maintenance.
Good caller, hope that helps. And stay tuned, more information will follow once the coroner’s office releases its report.

Trailers stored at fire station
“I was driving by Sunrise Fire Station in Gilroy and saw recreational vehicles parked in the area behind the station. Are these RVs owned by the City of Gilroy? Are they the private property of the firemen attached to that station? If they are privately owned, why are they being stored on City of Gilroy property?

Red Phone: Dear Concerned Tax Payer, You can rest easy – there are no firefighters camping out behind Sunrise Fire Station. The vehicles that are stored there aren’t RVs. They are trailers used for various emergency responses by the city and county. The city’s mobile command vehicle is stored there as well as a couple county trailers used for large scale emergency operations, said Ed Bozzo, Gilroy operations divisions chief.
They are stored at Sunrise because it is the most secure location, he said. The trailers are similar to those stored at other stations throughout the county, he added.
Hope that helps, good caller.

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