Community Pulse: Gas prices next year

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Where do you think gas prices will be at this time next

Where do you think gas prices will be at this time next year?

– Here you go – my everlasting positive attitude! – $3.79 or less!!!!! – $3.79/About the same, with a national election coming. Watch out after that for a major increase.

– Probably $5 or more. Better enjoy current prices because if history repeats itself, we’ll be paying much more soon.

– I think it will be the same. Hope it will be lower. n Hopefully, about the same. There are many factors that dictate the price so let’s hope they are in our favor. When prices were over $4 a gallon that really started to impact families and people that can’t afford high gas prices.

– $3.79/About the same – Ohhhh … we should have a pool and closest to actual gets a free tank of gas.

– Interesting question … my crystal ball says $4.59.

– I think they will be higher than the level now, coming down off of the winter increase we get from the drain on the supply for heating fuel. We are trending toward more and more conservation nationwide and in order to prop up profitability for the oil companies, the price is going to go up.

– Hopefully, only $4.59 but it’s creeping up quickly.

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