Larry Roscoe

Larry Roscoe

Larry was born in McKee’s Rocks, PA, to Michael and Dorothy Roscoe.

He was Slavic and Hungarian. He came to California and attended Pepperdine College, where he met Lorna, his wife of 64 years.

Larry was a demonstration teacher at Chico State. He worked for the Office of Education in San Benito, Monterey and Santa Clara Counties. He was responsible for establishing programs to help the migrants — Head Start, preschool and health programs. He established a new Continuation High School in Hollister and was very proud of it.

Larry and his brother-in-law, Edward, were close buddies for many years; Edward’s family and the Roscoe family spent many holidays together, adding so much warmth to Larry’s life.

Larry and Lorna were retired when they moved from Gilroy to Diamond Springs in 1990 and traveled around the tip of South America, as well as to the Caribbean, Europe, Israel and Alaska.

He had a warm relationship with each of his children — Carol, Ken and Eric — and he was proud of each.

He was delighted with his grandchildren, Annie, Laney, and Lindsay and he considered himself fortunate to have Ken’s wife Linda, and Carol’s husband Kevin in his life.

Larry died of pneumonia and heart failure at Kaiser.

He preferred to have a family memorial which will occur near his birthday in September.

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