Letter: City leaders need to address traffic problem

Dear Editor,

I wrote a letter to you last year on Dec. 15 about the problem of cars speeding on Wren Avenue. My name is Joyce Palafox and, just to refresh your memory, my daughter-in-law was hit from behind on a rainy night coming home from work on the corner of Wren and Ronan avenue.

This accident that affected my family was what made me write to you last year. But what I didn’t mention last time is that I had written to Councilman Dion Bracco before I wrote to you when a car speeding lost control and slammed into a tree that is on the side of our property right next to my grand children’s bedroom.

He agreed to come to talk to my son and I. When he came out he told us that the city would never agree to put any stop signs on the corners of Wren or Ronan avenues because there is already a stop sign on Mantelli Drive and it was too close between the streets. Then, when I wrote you and you published my letter in The Dispatch only then did he got back to me and said that he came out here one day and did witness speeding cars while children were just getting off school and he would look into this issue.

My son informed me that Bracco is running for mayor, so that might explain why he responded to my letter to the editor. I recently e-mailed Bracco to touch bases about this issue. I have not heard from Mr. Bracco yet.

Thursday afternoon I was sitting in my living room enjoying my 8-month-old granddaughter when again I heard that horrifying sound of metal against metal, and it took me back to when I heard that same sound when my daughter-in-law was hit. When we all went to check if anyone needed help, the car that was involved in the accident had hit a parked car and landed on the sidewalk. Thank God no pedestrians were walking in that area. Next time any pedestrians might not be so lucky.

Something has to be done before someone gets killed on this road.

Joyce Palafox, Gilroy

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