Red Phone: Fire truck out of jurisdiction?

Red Phone: Safety needed on 6th Street

My wife and I were at the Jason-Stephens Winery Friday night for
a concert.
“My wife and I were at the Jason-Stephens Winery Friday night for a concert. As I was coming back from my vehicle, I saw a Gilroy City fire administrative SUV type vehicle parked next to the serving/restroom building. When we got home, I called the fire nonemergency number and asked why and who was there. It is out of the city jurisdiction and I saw no reason for it to be there. They would not tell me who it was. My point is what is a city vehicle with presumably a city employee doing out of their jurisdiction with our city vehicle and using our city tax payers money?”

Red Phone: Dear Out Of Jurisdiction, The firefighter you saw was not out for a joy ride on the city. The vehicle was driven by a division chief who remained on duty after completing office hours, said Dale Foster, Gilroy fire chief. The division chief stopped by a birthday party of a friend that was in progress, Foster said.

Hope that helps, good caller.

Receipts with credit card info

“When using a credit card at Gilroy Gardens awhile back I noticed that the credit card number is posted on the receipt for all eyes to see. Is there a law against this? It’s not safe.”

Red Phone: Dear Swiped, It is indeed illegal for businesses to display the full credit card number on a receipt that is printed out. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 prohibits more than five numbers from being displayed on a receipt. This doesn’t apply to receipts that must be written out by hand or imprinted.

Gilroy Gardens uses two different systems for processing receipts – one for entry to the park and one for purchases within the park, said spokesman Hoa Minh Le. Both systems have been in place for a number of years and appear to be properly hiding the credit card numbers, he said. After verifying that each one was working properly, he said that Gilroy Gardens takes privacy concerns very seriously. He urged people who have had the same problems to let them know so they could be addressed. Contact Gilroy Gardens at 840-7100 or let the Red Phone know if you have had a negative experience.

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