Gilroyan rails against off-track high-speed machine

Building High Speed Rail systems across the nation is an
enormous project born out of social progressive minds who believe
big government can better waste our taxed dollars than we can.
Building High Speed Rail systems across the nation is an enormous project born out of social progressive minds who believe big government can better waste our taxed dollars than we can. This mentality is delivering our country into a steep downward economic collapse that may be too late to avoid.

The California High Speed Rail Authority is a quasi-government, which will be calling its own shots like the Valley Trasnportation Authority in Santa Clara County, the Santa Clara Valley Water District and other water sistricts in our state. The voters in California have been fooled into believing the CHSRA is a feasible project and approved $9 billion to build the HSR. Subsequently, the Authority is holding neighborhood meetings, asking where Californians want the rail to be built, but whatever input citizens offer, it obviously is having no effect … CHSRA will do as they see fit and answer to no one.

The project was sold to voters as a real benefit. But no one associated with CHSRA has told the truth about the implications of this boondoggle!

After a year and a half, serious studies have reported that costs are more likely over $81 billion. After it is built, it would require government subsidies to maintain and operate.

Advancing a half truth, that new jobs would be created building it, maintaining it and operating it, CHSRA makes no mention of the loss of jobs from the existing railways, bus systems and airlines. The High Speed Rail Authority would be paying excessively high salaries and pensions which would be subsidized with new taxes for California’s already over-taxed taxpayers. Fares would also become increasingly exorbitant. A 1-cent-per-mile tax has been proposed along with a 10% gas tax (about 38 cents per gallon) not earmarked for any specific purpose. The shortage can not be covered, thus deepening California’s and CHSRA’s debt, threatening bankruptcy of both.

CHSRA claims that workers from Fresno could commute to the Bay Area for good paying jobs, but failed to mention what a recent study revealed:

n that commuting by auto would cost about $450 a month for gas;

n that the cost traveling via the CHRSA would run about $1,400 a month;

n that their optimistic and inaccurate ridership numbers will be less than half of projections;

n that the energy used to build and operate the system would be 40% higher than conventional travel and

n that “greenhouse” emissions will increase by 15% for construction alone.

The study also reports that for the billions wasted for a high speed rail system, California could build more than 2,000 miles of 4-lane highways or could finance education in California in perpetuity.

Like the U.S. Congress, who voted on “Obama-Care” without reading what was in the “Obama-Care” system (the public was never told what it really contained), the High Speed Rail measure told California voters nothing. Furthermore, Californians have been kept in the dark of the details, except that they now know (after the measure passed) the estimated costs have risen from $8 billion to $81 billion and rising!

Since the voters approved the CHSRA, I have yet to speak to anyone who is for this boondoggle. I have randomly surveyed approximately 100 people, asking if they had a chance to take a loss on the expenditures already paid, would they vote to stop the project – 100% have said they did not want the CHSR and would vote to repeal it!

Instead of discussing the red herring, “where” the CHSR should be built, we need to commence the process to stop it. It’s time to get a new measure on the ballot as soon as possible. Inform our politicians that “recall” is still an option, that it’s time to stop the insanity of wild spending, under the sophistical deception of creating jobs and revenues for California. California is pathetically broke and unlike the federal government, cannot print money.

Let your California legislators know you want no part of a financial boondoggle that’s going to rip an environmental scar two-thirds the length of our lovely state, cut our farms and cities in half while making a perfect target for terrorists.

Gilroyan Jim Langdon is a longtime Gilroy businessman, now retired, who has engaged in economic, political and biblical studies his entire adult life who still finds time to occasionally go fishing. Reach him at [email protected]

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