Volunteer profiles template

Name: Marian Yoder

Age: 73

Where they volunteered: At the Garlic Post booth in the children’s area

How many years volunteering: Except for the several occasions she’s been out of town, Yoder has volunteered ever year since the festival began

Favorite memory of volunteering: “Running in the Stinkin’ Roses race in 1987.”

Favorite part of the festival: “The arts and crafts. I bought a couple rings this year.”

Name:George Minerva

Age: 61

Where they volunteered: At the beer tent

How many years volunteering: Minerva estimates between 25 to 28 years

Favorite memory of volunteering:With pitcher and cups in hand, Minerva cruised up and down combo plate lines 100 people long, pouring water for thirsty festival attendees. Minerva is the past chairman of the Advisory Committee.

Favorite part of the festival: “Running Gourmet Alley eight years ago with Greg Bozzo.”

Name: Mollie Botill

Age: n/a

Where they volunteered: At the Festival Mercantile

How many years volunteering: 15 years

Favorite memory of volunteering: “Camaraderie with the team. I’d rather work a festival than go to a festival.”

Favorite part of the festival: “Intermingling with people.”

Name:Daniel Silva

Age: 18

Where they volunteered: Gourmet Alley

How many years volunteering: First time

Favorite memory of volunteering: At one point, Silva said he was manning four different prep tables by himself.

Favorite part of the festival: The 2011 Gilroy High School Graduate likes “seeing friends and people that I know.”

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